When it comes to a good makeup concealer, this can be one of the best tools for you to make a difference in makeup and change the appearance of any face. This is a very important cosmetic that has become the best ally to hide blemishes, dark circles, wrinkles, scars and more. Corrective makeup is important that you know how to apply it and that is why we have brought you a list with steps so that you can do it at home without major problems.

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Learn how to apply corrective makeup

The first thing you should know is that there are many types of concealers, each with different textures. It is very important that you know each one of them and the type of skin you have, this will help you achieve the effect you need.

  • Bar:Corrective makeup in this format helps to cover any imperfection very well, but it is very important that you keep in mind that you must apply a small amount in each area, as this concealer can mark expression lines. You should choose one that is a shade a little lighter than your skin. This one is perfect for younger faces.

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  • Cream: Cream concealers are perfect for covering dark circles and deeper blemishes. However, it is not suitable for oily faces, as it may produce more oil and damage makeup in a short time.
  • Dust: Powder concealer makeup is ideal for girls who don’t have a lot to cover up. They are also perfect for covering pimples on oilier skin.
  • Mousse: Mouse concealers are excellent for covering light imperfections, they have a smooth texture and are not heavy at all and cover dark circles or redness well. Perfect for combination or oily skin.

Once you have identified the concealers and the different types that you can find on the market, you must choose the right color and we are not only referring to one that suits your skin tone, in the market you will find beige, green, orange, salmon and yellow tones; You should keep in mind that each one serves to hide different types of imperfections.

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  • Beige: Concealers in beige tones are perfect for illuminating and matting the skin tone. It will also help us cover the darkest areas of our face, such as dark circles.
  • Green: This type of concealer is perfect for covering redness, pimples and small scars or veins that can be marked on our face.
  • Yellow: This concealer helps us to hide the areas of more intense color, those that go from violet to purple, It is also perfect for covering very marked dark circles and bruises.
  • Orange or salmon: This corrector is mainly used to camouflage dark circles in the most bluish tones.

Once you have chosen the perfect concealer for your face, you must prepare the skin to apply them. He face must be completely clean and you must hydrate it for the result to be perfect, you must use a moisturizing facial cream before you start applying makeup.

color correcting makeup

You will have to take a little of the product and you will have to apply it with your ring finger or preferably, with a special brush for the concealer application, you will have to do it by giving small blows to the area, delicate touches. You should blend it very well with soft, circular movements, this will allow you to avoid premature wrinkles.

For dark circles you should choose a tone that is close to your skin color, if you want to brighten the look you should use a lighter tone. Apply a little under the eyes and gently blend it without dragging the product. It is very important that you blend the ends very well so that it is completely adapted to the skin tone.

If you have chosen a creamy concealer, you should seal it with translucent powder so that it does not crack and It will last you in perfect condition for a long time.

Tutorial to use a corrective makeup:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByhgzLdQPtA


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