Halloween and carnival are one of the favorite seasons for many people, this is a time when we can become one of the funniest, sweetest or gloomiest figures for a while, like the catrina makeup. Therefore, today we want to tell you how you can achieve the harlequin makeup in a simple way and without help from anyone.

harlequin couple makeup

The favorite makeups for many are those of mime makeup, clowns, jesters and harlequins. These can cause a lot of terror, so we use this Halloween makeup that is much more suitable for us.

Harlequins are characterized above all by their rhombus costumes, bells and peaked hats, these characters from the show cannot be missing at parties or horror events. In any costume store You can find all the accessories for this costume that you will love. A good idea is to dress up in a group, with your friends.

harlequin makeup for men

A curious fact about the harlequins is that they are inspired by Loki, one of Odin’s sons, who also had a chameleon-like personality, he was cunning, foolish, rude, brutal, sensual and cruel. But with him fun is always guaranteed.

Once you know this you should prepare your makeup for it and for this reason, we have brought you a very simple tutorial to follow.

scary harlequin makeup

Materials you will need for harlequin makeup

  • a fine brush
  • a medium brush
  • A white water makeup jar
  • A jar of blue colored water makeup
  • dark blue eyeshadow
  • black liner
  • red lipstick
  • A sponge
  • a pot of blood

Step by step to achieve harlequin makeup

You should start by applying the white water makeup with a medium brush, brushing all over the face, including the eyebrows.

professional harlequin makeup

With water makeup light blue and the medium brush you should paint the eye making the shape of a rhombus that we will later darken by applying a little dark blue shadow on top.

You should outline the outline of the rhombus with a black liner and you will give it more thickness in the lower and upper peaks. You should shade the mobile eyelid with a black shadow, giving it an upward beak shape.

Then you will have to mark a level on the eyebrow with the black liner, this must be higher and must continue ending at the arched end down. At the beginning of the eyebrow you will mark some small lines as if they were small disheveled hairs to give it a much more real appearance. You must also perform the same operation on the other side.

Harlequin makeup without base

Then you will have to make up the tip of the nose a little black. You should add a little black dots to the peaks of the rhombuses, in one of them upwards and in the other downwards, as in the nose.

So that your face has a little more depth to your face, you will paint the part of the cheekbone in black and then you will brush the makeup with white water to clarify it.

then you must outline the lips in red, give it the shape of a sinister smile with the same corners turned up.

harlequin makeup with base

This step is optional:

You can apply a few drops of blood to the bottom of the lip, giving it the effect that it falls towards the chin. This with a sponge and you should give it a few small touches to smearing blood staining the jaw, forehead and nose.

And voila, so you will have one of the most striking harlequin makeup for Halloween, also with the images that we have brought you On this occasion you will be able to be inspired so that you can adapt to the tutorial that we have presented to you previously.

Here you can see a tutorial of Arlequin makeuphttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNWeE4gOSm8


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