The carnival makeup o Halloween we have a lot of fun dressing up and becoming other people, with colors, textures and accessories. One of the simplest and most tender makeup that you can do to yourself or your daughter is bee makeup, this is simple and very fun makeup.

bee makeup steps

For this reason, we have brought different types of bee makeup that will serve as inspiration for carnival and Halloween celebrations. We assure you that if you manage to make it fit very well you will have a spectacular design and that it will also make your costume look very complete. The bee can also be a sexy makeup and with which we can look beautiful.

Bee makeup on lips

What do you need for bee makeup

For this makeup you will need a special makeup that can be kept perfect throughout the night and there are many specialized stores where you can find a wide variety of makeup products. If you are allergic you should use water-based makeup, otherwise, you can use cream makeup.

Classic Bee Makeup

How to do bee makeup: Step by step

The first thing you should do is apply a makeup base, ideally it should be a first fixer that can help you to start making up the eyes with yellow pigments in cream and these will be fixed with a shadow of the same color, but in matte tones.

cute bee makeup

One of the most important points of this makeup is that you must take the time to outline in black, for this you must draw the points so that you can later join them and make the shape of a cute little bee on your face, you can search for guide images. Then you must fill with black color the area between the hair and the line that begins the shape of the bee, then you must outline the line again.

bee eyes makeup

Then you will have to curl eyelashes or apply false eyelashes, if you do not want to do either one or the other, you should opt for a good mascara. In the market you can find different brands to make your eyelashes look thicker and longer.

Bee makeup on elegant eyes

As for the mouth, you should make up the lips with a little concealer makeup. With the yellow pigment you should draw a diagonal stripe that crosses the entire face, and you should also fix it with the matte shadow of the same color. To help you with this, you can use paper tape so that the colors do not mix and so that they are straight.

Fantasy bee makeup

You must remove it and the straight black line will remain. You will have to place two more tapes to make another black line, you can do this with shadows or paints.

Bee Makeup Shadows

Then you must outline the lips in red and you must fill them in with the same color. Finish giving the final touches, you can add a little glitter to highlight a little more.

different bee makeup

In the images that we present to you throughout this article you will be able to find inspiration for create your own bee makeup, regardless of the style that best suits you and the one that best suits what you want.

Bee makeup Eyes and neck

You must bear in mind that if you are doing makeup for a girl, you must make sure that she is not allergic to any of the products that you will use to paint her face. One of the perfect makeups for this are those with a water base, these makeups will allow you to apply them quickly, They dry very easily and are even easier to remove. They also prevent an allergic reaction on the skin of the person who is using them, it is also a very simple way to put on makeup quickly, because we all know that children are very restless and will get annoyed shortly after you are doing them. her bee makeup.

You can see a bee makeup tutorial here


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