Every year we ask ourselves the same question: what do we dress up as? It doesn’t matter if it’s Halloween or Carnival, we will always be overwhelmed by this question, because nobody likes to have a hackneyed costume or one that doesn’t stand out from the rest. For this reason, we have brought you the 8 most incredible designs of Corpse Bride Makeup, but also a tutorial for you to learn how to do this makeup in simple steps.

Cartoonish Corpse Bride Makeup

Step by step to achieve Corpse Bride Makeup

The first thing you should do is identify the materials you will need to make this makeup:

  1. false eyelashes
  2. Colored contact lenses.
  3. Fantasy make up.
  4. White eyeliner.
  5. blue shade.
  6. Pink lipstick.

Step by step to achieve Corpse Bride Makeup

Once you have all the materials that we have mentioned before, we will begin to make these fantasy makeup. Before starting we want to tell you that this is not a completely simple makeup, you will need a lot of patience and time to achieve it and make it wonderful. the steps that we will give you next are very well explainedSo you shouldn’t have any problems.

Corpse bride makeup with accessories

1-. The first thing to do is apply the blue fantasy makeup as a base. If you do not have the budget to buy this product, we give you some information: you can buy a blue vegetable coloring and mix it with the lightest base you have for your face, it should be a light blue tone so that it is the closest thing to the original makeuphe. You should apply the product evenly all over the face, but also on the neck and ears to make it much more real and professional.

Corpse bride makeup full body

2-. You shouldn’t apply the blue color base to the eyes, at least not until you apply the makeup to your eyes. You must apply a base tone very similar to your skin and then you must paint white with the eyeliner. You must cover the entire eyelid, including the eyelashes, until everything is white. Do not forget to paint the eyebrows white as well, because then we are going to make them up in blue.

Corpse bride makeup in white

3-. Once the previous steps have been done and the base has been allowed to dry, we must mark the eye area much better, in this way the white color will be much more noticeable and its difference with the blue of the face. For this step you will need the help of a brush and we must apply a little stronger blue. For this you can use the same base, but apply a little more coloring or just a little blue eyeshadow. You must apply below the white line of the eyes and blend very well with a brush. Then you should place the false eyelashes very well making sure that they are fixed.

Corpse bride makeup a lot of shadow

4-. Then we go to the lips, you must apply with the lipstick, also if you prefer you can use a nude tone with a little shine, but the important thing is that your lips stand out.

Simple Corpse Bride Makeup

5-. Finally, and as we do when we get ready to go out normally, we must outline our face, for this we must define the cheeks with a blue shadow, but we must also mark the marks, the cuts that the character has, for this you can use the same shadow or an eyeliner pencil and then follow the shaded lines. Then you will apply the contact lenses and that’s it.

Corpse bride makeup only face

Please note that these may be carnival makeup for women and they will be nothing without the right outfit you should look for a wedding dress that looks very old and your hair should be messy, for that you can make a few waves and apply fixing spray, in this way you will give it the necessary volume.

tender corpse bride makeup

The accessories are very important, some dark red flowers, a threadbare bridal veil and other details will complement the Corpse Bride Makeup, but you should keep in mind that this is a costume that will take you a long time to build, you should think about it days in advance and start it. to do hours before the party so that it is perfect, once this is done we assure you that you will call the attention of everyone at the party and that you will stand out above all the other girls.

Watch a tutorial here so you can achieve this makeup without problems:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJhurviFQXU


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