He witch girl makeup It is one of the horror classics for little ones. Also this is one of the Halloween makeup kids perfect. So that the characterization is completely consistent, we want to show you how you can do makeup of this style. And, in addition, we will show you some variants that your little girl will fall in love with.

The witch girl makeup is one of the most requested by the little girls at home. They love it and that is why as mothers we must learn to do her favorite makeup perfectly and also differentiate her from all the others. Remember that a costume is not complete until we have a good makeup.

witch girl makeup with black shadows
Witch girl makeup, tricks to achieve it easily

Use a black pencil and some black shadow we can get a witch makeup Of those who scare us, first you will have to paint with a black shadow around the eyes, on the cheekbones and outline the nose a bit. Then with the black pencil you should paint a much more populated eyebrow, with the lips and some detail such as a mole or a tooth, this is a simple and perfect makeup for child makeup

If we think of makeup as a complement to the Halloween costume, it does not have a perfect characterization either, it will be enough for children’s makeup to have some element that is terrifying, for this you can use a green base. Then you can add a little purple lipstick and paint the eyebrows black, well populated and up. You can add a small spider web on the cheek and that’s it.

witch girl makeup with eyeliner

However, it is not essential that use the color green so that you achieve a perfect witch girl makeup, even just with the spider web you will achieve it without problems.

Tips for a perfect witch girl makeup

As you may have noticed, witch girl makeup is very easy to achieve, you will only need a little imagination and be inspired by the models that we have presented in this article, but if you still need some tips for this we bring the essentials for any fantasy or terrifying makeup for Halloween.

witch girl makeup with green base

1-. One of the most important points before doing a perfect witch girl makeup we must hydrate the skin very well girl’s face and neck. We must bear in mind that most of these makeups contain waxes that can irritate the skin or give them some itching and you will know that if they touch the makeup they will damage the entire work.

2-. It is very important that you remember that little ones have much more sensitive and delicate skin, so we must use quality makeup and that preferably have a water base, so you can easily remove them with a little soap and water.

adorable little witch makeup

3-. Another of the tricks that you can use in witch girl makeup is to microwave the easy paintings for 5 seconds. In this way they will be warm and it will be much easier to spread it over the face.

4-. If your little one is allergic, we must take into account that it is preferable that we do the allergy tests days before, you can do them behind the ears, on the wrist or on the neck, so you can be completely sure that he will not react badly or feel bad.

Very elaborate girl witch makeup

5-. On the other hand, the most important thing is that our daughter feels comfortable in the costume she is wearing and that you like the final result, so you will be able to look much better with the witch girl makeup and it will make you enjoy the moment much more.

Witch girl makeup is very easy to achieve and It is perfect for when we have to do makeup much faster and with fewer materials than the others.

Watch the tutorial for this makeuphttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvIfyMJrAKY


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