Minnie’s makeup is a classic for all girls for decades and decades, this is an incredibly sweet and cuddly character from the cartoons, which is why girls – and some older girls – opt for this makeup. The best thing is that you will not need too many things to achieve it.

An adorable idea is that if you have a daughter they share Minnie’s makeup, you can accompany the makeup with a cute costume, in Any costume store or online you can find cute and suitable models for you. Today we want to give you some ideas for your Minnie makeup, keep in mind that these should be adapted to your style and personality. learn to make a devil makeup in a few steps.

Minnie Tender Makeup
Minnie makeup: Ideas and tips to achieve it

Before you start with the steps, you should have some tools and materials that will help you create the ideal Minnie makeup for you. These are: brushes, sponges, eye pencils, foundation, red paint or liquid lipstick, black paint or liquid eyeliner, white paint.

Minnie makeup for babies

It is very important that you wash your face very well with a soap suitable for the skin type and dry very well. If makeup is for you, you should exfoliate, but if it’s for your little daughter, avoid it because she won’t need it. Look at these ideas for you clown makeup.

The first thing we must do is place a skin-colored base on the face, then you must use the black pencil to draw some hearts. Be patient, this may take a bit of time. then you must apply a little blush on the cheekspreferably with a brush.

Minnie makeup for girls

You will need to draw a round or triangle on the nose and paint it black. You must not forget the eyebrows, these, like Minnie’s, must be intense black and you must give it a curved shape. If you like you can use false eyelashes or mascara you should try to make them look very big.

The next step is completely optional, you must paint the outer part of the eye with a light blue color, if you want you can make some dots on the mouth and then draw some lines to simulate the whiskers.

Adorable Minnie Makeup

Paint the mouth with a red lipstick and on the forehead, in case you only want to use makeup, you can draw a red bow. You must do it with the black paint, then fill in with the red one, wait for it to dry and place some white dots.

And that’s it, so you’ll have the finished minnie makeup. If you want you can add some glitter like frost to make it pop, but it won’t be completely necessary.

Sexy Minnie Makeup

The hairstyle is a very important point for the character to be complete, you can make two high bows and turn them into simulated ears, if the costume brings the ears you can braid your hair or leave it loose.

The most important thing is that we choose a costume with which our little girl or ourselves feel super comfortable. Minnie has different outfits that you can choose from the color of Minnie’s dress that you like the most, she has presented popular shades such as pink, orange or the classic red. But we have also seen it with blue or purple tones, everything will depend on what you prefer for your little girl or for yourself.

Fun Minnie Makeup

And voila, so you have Minnie’s makeup and the most beautiful costume of the party. Remember that you can and we advise you to always give it your personality and style to all the makeup, this way you will know that it is yours and that you will stand out at the party or event where you are. Remember to look for all the inspiration you need in our images so that all your creativity flows.

Here you can see a Minnie makeup video tutorial:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5gcsBvHAOg


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