He MAX FACTOR makeupIt is one of the most praised by beauty bloggers, by professional makeup artists and by all people who are looking for good quality products, with an excellent finish, but always at the best price. Therefore, today we want to talk to you about Max Factor makeup, its best products in the catalogue, as well as the price of each of them.

Max Factor is a renowned brand that has been the protagonist of many makeup eventsIn addition, many stars, models and artists have been the face of the brand, because they believe in the products it offers.

Do you know the products and prices of Max Factor makeup

We will divide this catalog among the products most used by the common woman in her day to day, where we will give you several options for the products that we use daily, so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

Makeup base

1-. facefinity

Face Finity Foundation Max Factor

This is one of the most important bases of Max Factor makeup, it gives you perfect coverage. In addition, it is characterized by giving you 3 steps in one, hydrates your skin, protects it from the sun and acts as a makeup base with excellent coverage. This Max Factor foundation It is priced at 8.95 euros.

2-. lasting performance

Lasting Performance Max Factor

Something that we must take into account when choosing a makeup base is that it gives you a long duration on the skin. Max Factor knows this and for this reason, it works to provide us with its best products with an excellent duration. Lasting Performance Foundation It has a price of 8.91 euros.

3-. Bread Stik

Bread Stik Max Factor

If you have normal to dry skin, you probably need a foundation that will keep your face hydrated while giving you the coverage you need. For it, Max Factor makeup, has developed a base in stick format, which also provides us with excellent coverage, allowing us to put on makeup without problems. You can use it with makeup brushes or with a sponge. It is priced at 7.65 euros.


When we talk about the makeup powder, we are not only referring to those that prevent us from looking too bright, but also to products such as bronzers, highlighters, blushes and shadows that will allow us to look radiant for the whole day.

1-. translucent powders

Max Factor translucent powder

Translucent powders are the latest trend in professional makeup, despite the fact that they have been used for years, currently, the professionals, beauty bloggers and many other people have chosen this powder for their day to day. Max Factor makeup knows this and has developed a loose translucent powder that will make us look much more natural and beautiful. It is priced at 9.40 euros.

2-. bronzing powder

Max Factor bronzing powder

Bronzing powders are excellent for making us look much more defined and tanned, Max Factor has developed a bronzing powder very natural, you will find shades for any skin type, which will give you many more options for when you have a natural tan. It is priced at 5.90 euros.

3-. compact blush

Max Factor Blush

Many people recognize this product as blush. Max Factor has developed a blush with different shades that will give our makeup much more naturalness and make us look much more beautiful. It is priced at 8.95 euros.

mascaras and eyeliners

One of the most important makeup items when doing our day-to-day makeup is the mascaras and eyeliners, these help us to highlight our look much more, make our face look much more awake and they will give us the necessary intensity to wear a perfect makeup.

1-. False Lash Effect Mascara

False Lash Effect Max Factor

This Max Factor mascara gives you the false eyelashes effect, without the discomfort of putting them on. It’s long-wearing and waterproof, so you’ll be sure your makeup will look perfect all day and all night. It is priced at 7.95 euros.

2-. Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara

Excess Volume Extreme Max Factor Mascara

This mask gives us two steps to show off perfect eyelashes. On the one hand, you will have the base of the masks, this will prepare your eyelashes to receive color, curl them and give them volume. The second stage will give you the color and impact you need to make your eyes stand out all day and all night. It is long-lasting and you can find it waterproof or normal. It is priced at 8.95 euros.

3-. Color X eyeliner

Color X Max Factor

Currently, there is a very strong trend in the makeup and it’s the cat eye, it is an outline that makes your look look more sensual. To achieve this makeup, you must have an eyeliner on hand that fulfills its function and also provides us with a duration for the whole day. For this, Max Factor has devised Color X, an excellent quality liquid eyeliner, with incredible pigmentation. It is priced at 8.50 euros.

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