estee lauder is one of the most recognized beauty and personal care brands around the world. For this reason, today we want to talk to you a little about the brand, the products it offers around the world and the opinions that people have about them, especially about the estee lauder makeup

Learn a little about the history of Estee Lauder makeup

The makeup brand Estee Lauder was born in 1946 in the city of New York, United States, was founded by Estée Lauder and Joseph Lauder who was her husband. This is a world-renowned brand, which offers all its customers high-quality products, with the more delicate and beautiful packaging, but also with the ingredients that work and will make a change in you.

estee lauder It is not a brand that works only with makeupIt is even recognized for its excellent beauty treatments, such as anti-aging creams, moisturizing products, among others.

Estee Lauder makeup products and their opinions

The product reviews They can vary a lot depending on each person, but when it comes to a brand like Estee Lauder, the opinions are generally good, but of course, everything will depend on your skin type, if you suffer from any type of allergy to the components and if you are using he suitable product.

Therefore, today we will talk a little about the Estee Lauder makeup reviews, as well as some of the personal care products, which are the best sellers in stores.

1-. Pure Color Love

Pure Color Love Estee Lauder

One of the brand’s best-selling products is its Pure Color Love lipstick, these are lipsticks that come in shades pinks, nudes and reds. These products also have excellent ratings from the women who have bought them, they talk about it being a long-lasting lipstick, without drying out the lips.

There are four different models for this lipstick, the satin, chrome, matte or creamy; any of them will give you an intense and beautiful color, while you take care of your lips.

2-. Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre

Pure Color Envy Hi-Luster Estee Lauder

Another of the best-selling Estee Lauder makeup products in different stores. This is a long-lasting lipstick that It will allow us to look radiant and beautiful. According to the opinions, this is a lipstick that lasts much longer than promised, 6 hours, it also has an excellent formula that will not dry out your lips.

One of the things that they share many opinions of this lipstick It is the beauty of its packaging, this is gold with navy blue that will give a very elegant touch to the person who is applying the product.

3-. Double Wear Nude

Double Wear Nude Estee Lauder

If you want a beautiful makeup base that looks completely natural and also has the right coverage to cover any imperfections, this is undoubtedly the one. Double Wear Nude by Estee Lauder. A lot of women rate this product with five stars, surprised by its excellent coverage and the natural appearance it leaves on our skin.

You should bear in mind that this foundation is indicated for people with normal or dry skinTherefore, if you have oily skin, despite the fact that it is long-lasting, it may present oxidation or you will notice that you must touch it up much more.

4-. Double Wear Teint non-transferable long-lasting SPF 10- Foundation makeup

Double Wear Estee Lauder

One of the most popular Estee Lauder foundations is the Double Wear Tint, where they offer us that we will be safe with our makeup intact at any time of the year. It guarantees a long duration and an SPF 10 formula. Resists up to 15 hours.

According to the comments of the users and makeup experts, this is one of the best foundations on the market today, it gives us excellent coverage, for a long time. If you were looking for a base for the normal to oily skinThis is the one you should use. Besides, helps cover all imperfections and it will look completely natural.

Estee Lauder personal care products

As we mentioned before, we cannot talk about estee lauder, not to mention their personal care products, such as their creams and serums.

1-. Revitalizing Supreme + Cellular Power Global Anti-Aging Cream

Revitalizing Supreme + Cellular Power Global Anti-Aging Cream Estee Lauder

This is an anti-aging cream with an excellent texture and a unique perfume, it provides us with anti-aging capabilities with the RevitaKey technology and with a high concentration of Moringa. According to user comments, this is a cream that will leave our skin looking much smoother, healthier, and denser. From the first use you can see the nutrition it provides to our skin, as well as reinforces the skin barrier and stimulates collagen production, so we will notice our skin much smoother.

2-. Daywear Matte, Moisturizing mattifying gel-cream

Daywear Matte, Estee Lauder Mattifying Moisturizing Gel-Cream

If you were looking for a day cream, Daywear Matte is the right one, we’ll forget about the problems with shine on the skin and according to the opinions of the users, it offers us a very refreshing texture, with a silky, natural and matte finish. This is a cream that will not leave your complexion greasy and is excellent to apply before makeup.

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