Devil makeup is one of the most used costumes on halloween and Carnival, this is one of the most fun makeups, because it has many variations, they can be simple, even incredibly elaborate.

Throughout this article we will leave you our favorite designs, some simpler than others, but we are completely sure that you will be able to find the one that best suits your personality and the style you want to wear for your event. In addition, we will leave you a basic tutorial so that you can make your devilish makeup look impressive. Look these butterfly makeup awesome.

FX makeup
devil makeup tutorial


1-. The first thing you should do is prepare your skin so that the makeup can be perfect. You must start with a general cleaning, hydration, wait for it to be absorbed by the skin and then you can start applying makeup. Look these dracula makeup.


2-. The correct order is: Apply a primer so that the skin looks smoother and more perfect, wait for it to dry and then apply the foundation, the concealer for dark circles and you must fix everything with a compact powder, preferably translucent.

devil mermaid

3-. Then comes the step of giving tone to our face. You will have to comb and make up your eyebrows, you will have to do a contour with a bronzer that is not too dark for your skin tone and you will have to apply a little blush.

red and black shadows

4-. Now we begin with the devil’s makeup, you should use shades of red tones, depending on the style you choose you will have to choose the shade of red, use a light, a medium and a dark shade to give your eyes depth.


5-. Once the shadow is applied, you must add black eyeliner, this outline will depend on the type of devil makeup you do, it may be sexy or terrifying and this will be marked much more by the eyeliner pencil.


6-. Remember that it is very important that you do makeup on the lower eyelid, in this way you will give a greater depth to your look and you will be much more beautiful or terrifying.

red and black

7-. Do not forget your eyelashes, you should apply a generous amount of mascara, apply at least three times to each eye, but between layers you must wait a few seconds for it to dry well.


If you do not want to do this step or you want your devil makeup to be more intense, you can apply false eyelashes.

complete outfit

8-. The next step is the lips, for devil makeup, the lips should be deep red or black, never pink or any other shade unless the look you are wearing allows it.

all red

We recommend that you use a long lasting lipstickSo you won’t be worrying if the color falls off and you have to touch it up, but always have the lipstick with you.


9-. Ok we come to the key point of devilish makeup, the hairstyle. When it comes to the hairstyle for that makeup we must take into account the style we are wearing. If you are a sexy devil, your hair can be loose and well combed, we recommend some sexy waves to give it more volume and personality.

Little pieces with hair

If, on the other hand, your devil makeup is terrifying, you have two options, the first is to mess up your hair and apply hairspray to make it look a little crazy.

Optical illusion

The second option is a bit more classic, you can add bits, but the bits must be made with hair or some terrifying horns, none of the red bits that you would use if the costume is sexy, because it will lose all its charm.

simple but pretty

And done, the devil makeup is quite popular, but at the same time it is very varied, if you use your creativity we promise that there will be no devil like you. Remember to be resourceful and make this makeup your own. Here you can see a tutorial devil makeup.


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