Makeup is not something that is only done when we are older, but it is also an excellent tool for designing amazing kids makeup, especially when the dates of Carnival and HalloweenToday we want to talk to you about a child makeup very popular, lion makeup.

The lion is one of the most beloved animals and protagonists of many movies, if this is the choice of your child, follow the steps that we will give you below and get inspired by these 10 super easy designs to achieve the perfect costume.

Adorable lion makeup

lion makeup step by step

1-. The first thing we must take into account are the materials, we will need:

  • Palette of colors and paints for the face. You can find these at any costume or makeup store.
  • Have a bowl of water handy.
  • Makeup brushes of different sizes, each one will have a different function and so you won’t have to run to wash them.
  • Makeup shadows, the ones you have at home or any that are sold in a makeup store.
  • sponges
  • Makeup pencils, preferably black.
  • Costume

Lion makeup Easy to achieve

Once you have all the materials, it will be time to put your child’s makeup on, but first it is very important that you help him wash your face very well and that it is perfectly dry before starting, this will help us make the makeup much faster and last longer. Remember to separate the hair from your child’s face, so we will have greater comfort, you can do it with a ribbon or with a hook.

Watch thisspider man makeup.

Gentle lion makeup

1-. you shall put on foundation lighter than you have with a sponge, cover the entire face and neck. With this you should cover the eyes and round the tips of the makeup, remember the mouth.

Cartoonish lion makeup

2-. Once the base that we have placed has been removed, you must paint the entire face with yellow mixed with an orange hue, you must cover it in its entirety. Then take a brush that is the finest in the collection and start drawing some black lines, draw some circles around the nose and over the mouth. Remember that we are simulating the smile of a lion.

lion makeup for kids

3-. With the same brush and black paint you should pass it through the eyebrows ending with a pointed finish.

lion makeup with mane

4-. Don’t forget to draw the lion’s whiskers with very small stripes. It is important that you draw the same number of stripes on the left and right sides.

lion makeup for babies

5-. It is important that with the shadows you apply a little reddish orange tones on the cheekbones so that you give it the sensation of life and place some details in white around the eyes.

Shocking Lion Makeup

6-. If you want you can draw two ears on the forehead and waddle with black color and fill it with typical pink color of the ears.

lion makeup for girls

7-. When you have finished, we recommend that you give a few small touches on the face with brown color to simulate the part of the lion’s fur, so you will give it a little more depth, do it in areas like the ears, nose and chin.

8-. Extra: You can draw the teeth of the dandelion or make them up with white color.

Funny lion makeup

9-. Important: Buy a costume, so you can complete your child’s costume much better. IN costume stores or on the internet you can get different models, but you can also look for tutorials to create your own.

Keep in mind that this lion makeup is very simple and that you can give it all the personality you want, but also when the party ends you must wash your child’s face very well so that you do not have makeup residue.

Here we leave you a tutorial for Leon’s makeup:


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