Makeup has become a very important essential product for day to day. But, what we should know is that there are many brands on the market and that it will depend on your skin type, your tastes and also the budget you have. One of the brands that has most attracted the attention of many women is the Sisley makeup.

We tell you a little about Sisley makeup

Sisley Makeup is a family brand that was born in 1976 by the French businessman Hubert d’Ornano, who had an innovative vision and decided to create a cosmetic firm that is completely based on the benefits that plants and vegetables offer us.

Sisley Paris Makeup

Sisley did in 1976 something that no brand had previously done in life, he ecological makeup, so it is considered that this is a precursor brand in the sector.

This is a brand that is specialized in phytocosmetology. It allows natural products to be extracted from plants to apply them to cosmetics that are creating products that are later developed in a high-level laboratory. It has scientific processes they are very advanced so they do not lose the essence of plants and in the natural world.

Sisley Laboratories work tirelessly on several formulas at the same time and the product is launched on the market when those responsible consider that they have reached the perfect formula for all their customers. This is a brand that does not release a product to the market constantly and according to the season, but when the product is perfect and presents excellent results that serve all customers. In this way, high technology and the needs of clients are combined without subjecting them to marketing as other firms do.

Sisley foundation

This is one of the reasons why their products are not very low cost, a quality product that is well made and for which you will not be paying for marketing or product packaging, that is, Sisley makeup makes products based on their quality, not just on appearance.

We must also point out that Sisley makeup does not invest in the most luxurious packaging on the market, but rather he prefers the product to be the one that stands out. One of the main and most important ingredients of this brand are essential oils, these are plant extracts that are obtained by distillation. They are volatile and non-greasy substances that have bactericides and germicides that help keep the skin in the best condition.

Products offered by Sisley makeup

1.- Treatment

This is a brand that offers a wide range of face and body treatments that responds to all skin types and needs. They also have a very complete range of sun protection and hair care products.

The prices of these products are between 100 and 300 euros.

Sisley Cosmetics

2.- Makeup

Their makeup range is largely unknown to much of the public, but those who know it will know that it is of a high quality. This is a range of makeup for blondes that take care of your skin, has an amazing texture and also a beautiful color.

Makeup prices range from 40 to 300 euros.

Sisley brand makeup

As you can see, you can find a wide variety of products from this brand that will not only help you take care of your skin, but will also make you look much more beautiful. sisley makeup, It is a brand in which you can put all your trust and feel completely sure that this is the right brand for you, it is also an investment that you will not regret.

Know the advice that Sisley gives you to put on makeup:


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