The big bad wolf has always been an icon in movies of all kinds and therefore many people take the decision to transform into him for carnival or Halloween. Believe it or not, the Big Bad Wolf makeup is very easy to do, you just have to be inspired by the designs that we will show you below.

Big Bad Wolf Makeup Designs

1-. For children

Big bad wolf makeup for kids

The big bad wolf makeup for children does not need to be too elaborate, children are very restless and make an elaborate makeup in them it can be quite complicated. For this reason, you can take the white, gray and black pigments and you can go about making details that identify it as a ferocious wolf. If you complement it with a good costume, it is possible that you will achieve a sweet and perfect costume for your little one.

2-. the face of the wolf

wolf face makeupOne of the versions that you can do of the big bad wolf makeup is to paint the face of the wolf on your face. for this makeup You will need a lot of concentration and available time, Well, it may take longer than you think. It will not be necessary to complement it with a specific costume, but we do recommend that you wear black or gray clothes to give the wolf a more appropriate appearance. Both men and women can do it.

3-. lycanthrope

Lycanthrope Makeup

One of the most used ferocious wolf makeup during the Halloween and Carnival festivities is the lycanthropic style, where a person will dress up as a werewolf, for this costume if you are going to need a good wardrobe that complements your look perfectly.

Big Bad Wolf Lycan Makeup

4-. Werewolf

wolf girl makeup

Girls can also dress up as werewolves, a bad wolf makeup for girls will require some aspects like scary nails or false teeth. However, women can do this makeup in a short time, It is very simple and you will not need too many extra implements.

werewolf makeup

5-. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

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One of the stories where we have enjoyed the ferocious wolf makeup the most is Little Red Hood. However, an interesting and very unique idea is that we do the little red riding hood and the big bad wolf makeup on the same face at the same time. Without a doubt, this is a very original, fun and that will attract everyone’s attention. A good idea for the wardrobe is that you wear a red cape and that in the hand of the big bad wolf you put nails like claws.

little hood and wolf makeup

6-. with special effects

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Currently, in the market you can find a wide variety of tools to make costumes more and more realistic. One of the most interesting options that you can use is of course prosthetics, in the market you can find many versions for wolves that are very interesting for costumes, they are also very easy to use and complement with good makeup and excellent costumes. Also, do not forget to add accessories that give your costume more character.

7-. glam

She-wolf makeup with GlamOne of the cutest versions of the Big Bad Wolf Makeup is to make it a little Glam, by this we mean that it is a cat makeup much more beautiful and feminine, without blood or prostheses and that can also highlight your natural beauty very well. The accessories for this makeup that we recommend are good accessories, such as ears or a cape and that you dress in high-heeled boots and a sexy wardrobe that can be adapted to your personality. In this case, we recommend that you wear your hair very neat, straight or with waves, but that it looks very well groomed and perfect.

You can see a tutorial of this big bad wolf makeup here:


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