After doing a lot of research to write this entry, I discovered that conceptually it is not well defined or clear that it is a dark complexion or skin. If you google, you will most likely find instead or as if it were the same, brown skin. but definitely is not the same. So that’s what we’re going to specify in the first instance, so that you can dedicate your makeup and look like the brunette girlfriend more splendid.

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How is the skin or complexion characterized

As we said before, there is confusion and divergences about what which is a brown skin.
The brown skin is as his own word indicates, the skin in which yellow and green colors predominate, typical of wheat or wheat fields. You will be able to better perceive this color combination in the photo below these lines.

Dark-haired skin tans easily, which is why the intense yellow or golden tones.

The most representative woman with brown skin is Jessica Alba

brunette brides
For your Wedding Brunette Woman

If you are preparing your look for that special day, which is your wedding, and you have brown skin.You should keep in mind some tips or Tips to look beautiful and natural.

1-Turguine skin is Warm

…and the foundations and compact powder must be at least 90% yellow support, never pink.

Brunette brides: 6 makeup tips - noviastrigue%C3%B1as1

2. The shadows

Although the brown skin supports a wide range of colorsFor this special day, you must of course take into account the style of trousseau that you will wear, but it is always recommended look natural and fresh. That’s why as for the shadows, for dark skin the ideal colors are earth colors or with a small red base such as browns, peaches, terracotta and of course black.

Brunette brides: 6 makeup tips - noviastrigue%C3%B1as7

3- The blush

At the time of placing blush on a brunette skin, the tones gold, peaches and bronze are the ideals.

Brunette brides: 6 makeup tips - noviastrigue%C3%B1as3

4-The lips in brunette brides

Your lips, and of course in accordance with the rest of the makeup, they will look fantastic with colors like fuchsia, coral, burgundy or coffee.

Brunette brides: 6 makeup tips - noviastrigue%C3%B1as9


Keep in mind when choosing makeup for brunette brides that a good option to combine colors is harmonize with the colors of the flowers in the bouquet that you will carry in your hand the headband or headdress


Brunette brides: 6 makeup tips - noviastrigue%C3%B1as4As you already know, if you have the dark complexion, is that when you are in winter you have not sunbathed, you usually look a bit pale, so a few days before your wedding (never the day before!) tan naturally, or resort to sunscreen or sunbed. With your Golden skinyou will be one of the Sexiest Brunette Brides.


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