The elegance It is not beauty or exuberance, it is not an excess of beads or makeup, or expensive products or clothing.
Being elegant is beyond being endowed with grace, having good taste and being balanced. It is fundamentally the attribute of simplicity.

fancy makeup

You must wear elegance permanently, through your clothes, your behavior and your makeup.

Elegant makeup is not just for the night, during the day you can wear a fancy makeup beyond the trends (because we already know that not all fashion looks good on us)

fancy makeupFor this we are going to give you some elegant makeup tips so that you look spectacular.

Tip 1- General Advice

fancy makeup

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The cared for and healthy skin is the basis of a fancy makeup. Healthy skin is achieved through good nutrition and hydration. Also the basis of care is the daily skin cleansing and nutrition and prevention against external agents such as sun, wind and very cold or very hot water.

Tip 2- The base of an elegant makeup

fancy makeup

The foundation that you always use should cover the face evenlybut it should be more light by day and there is a permit for it to be a little more charged at night. Always define the face with concealers and bronzer if necessary.

Elegant Day Makeup

Tip 3- During the day… Light

fancy makeup

He day makeup should have a light eyeliner, and you can highlight the lips with the most flattering color according to your skin type. can you give a light glow to your skin with some special cream with glitter.

Tip 4- Shadows

fancy makeup

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The eye shadows in elegant makeup during the day they should be warm tones and bronze It is an ideal option for brightness. you can also use gold or silver in the tear ducts to give special lighting and be totally fashionable.

Elegant Evening Makeup

Tip 5. Sober and elegant makeup

fancy makeup

A evening makeup can also be simple and elegant. For this you can highlight your mouth with a lot of gloss and leave the rest of the face more natural. But of course marking the features. And the eyes should stand out more than the rest of the face.

Tip 6- Elegant and Glamorous Makeup

fancy makeup

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To dazzle in a night event and accompany that dream dress, you must take care with a elegant and sophisticated makeup, For this occasion are allowed dark, heavy and bright colors. But always remember balanced.

Tip 7- Elegant Makeup “Smokey Eyes”

fancy makeup

He smokey eyes or smokey eyes, will result in a look and a more mysterious, glamorous and sophisticated look. For this and for the makeup to last on your eyes, you must not forget to place base on the eyelids and outline with liquids, shadows and brushes, to blend. The other big secret to great smoke eyes is the mascara.