The makeup YoWATERPROOFAND It is the perfect solution to face the sun, the heat and the summer water. Thanks to its skin-friendly components helps a more resistant sea, for example, micro-ionized powders. Also fine waxes that stick to the face so that the effect lasts longer. Any woman wants to have these results to look beautiful and above all natural at all times.

One of the best brands is waterproof , compact powder, blushes and eyeliners they are very good . Each of these products is reliable and makes you natural and very attractive. But it is also important to know which are the brands that we should avoid so as not to make a mistake when buying cosmetics.

Known the 6 waterproof makeup brands that you should not use

The women in the search of make-up they want the best to look beautiful and natural . Every woman wants to have makeup that she can use at any time and without having any inconvenience. That’s why it will be useful.

cosmetics By Apple

Some of these cosmetics at the beginning were not as good as the duration. The eyeliner is easy to get, but the brush is thin and comes off very quickly . The eyeshadow comes off easily, and if it’s a pool, you’ll see that it’s not WATERPROOF. Compact powder is very bad. It is important that at the time of putting on makeup you take into account how important it is that cosmetics do not change your natural beauty, but highlight it.


cosmetics Yuya

Since these products went on sale have proven that they are very bad and you should not buy them. He blush does not paint anything, the rimers stain the eyelid, the base has many lumps, which when applied scrape. The shadows do not even give light nor tonality to the eyes, when applying it the colors look opaque. None their products resist water.


cosmetics kylie

The only good thing about this collection They are the enamels, because the makeup items are of poor quality. He lipstick is not matte and when removing it leaves some lumps that are unpleasant. The eyeliners are not useful to define the contour of the eyes, because they cost so that they paint and they are removed very quickly. When using eye shadow you should remember that the goal is to highlight the beauty of your eyes. and the shadow of kylie eyes doesn’t, that’s why you shouldn’t use it


cosmetics miskos

35-color eyeshadow from afar looks so bold, and it doesn’t apply the same. As a result, colors are opaque and wearable easily when you like. The compact is very hard and there are not any blemishes that you have. The specks break easily and are pears, the recommendation is not to use this brand of makeup.


cosmetics nyc

It is one of the worst brands, you can never buy it, far from it. S u based It’s not natural , and it is very complicated to put it on. Eyeliner is hard to wear because the brush is very fine and stains the eyelid. Time dries very quickly, leaving lashes so hard it’s hard to close your eyes. and their products are not WATERPROOF because they do not resist sweat or water.


cosmetics Daphne

The only good thing about this collection is bronzing powder gives your face a natural and attractive tan. But ehe eye concealer does not hide dark circles and leaves a white stain the base brings little content. The compact does not meet the perfect finish that must have face and does not work as a replacement for foundation.


When you go shopping makeup remember that you should choose the best brand because it is in play your natural beauty. If you choose any of these brands your skin will could be affected, and instead of seeing you beautiful and natural, everything will be catastrophic



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