joker is a fictional character, a supervillain who appears in comics, his name in Spanish means joker. His appearance is that of a clown with the white face and a self-centered red smile. In each of his films this actor shows his crazy side and little interest by people. And his eagerness to make life miserable for Batman.

Meet the best JOKER Makeup: 9 designs to imitate and look amazing that are in style

this design transmits chaos and evil that embodies this character, for a makeup artist this is an abstract work. All his fans want to imitate this character, That is why it will be useful that in this article they say which are the best and why. use it.

suicide squad

Many use this makeup to with his dark laugh and his eyes full of madness get a lot of attention. They also do it to look like to his favorite character who is him JOKER.

JOKER Makeup 1

For woman

Not only men can use this style, women They have also tested. And not nothing is wrong with them, with this design they transmit madness and a lot of ego.

JOKER 2 makeup

For women with purple eyes

An elaborate way of show your mysterious side, it’s with this supervillain design joker but with purple eyes. you will shine amazing and you can imitate your favorite character.

JOKER 3 makeup

For kids

Until the little ones in the house, in some occasions they also want to imitate their favorite villain. This is one excellent and tender idea to do it, because no matter how Machiavellian the character. Drawn on a child’s face, it looks very sweet and beautiful.

JOKER 4 makeup

with black eyes

Using a variety of colors in this makeup gives a interesting touch, with colour black eyes look more Machiavellian. The ego and the degree of sarcasm that this actor possesses in each of His movies.

JOKER makeup 5

with red eyebrows

This design is different, but continues to show the side of madness of this character, which has become a trend. It is one of the ways to continue imitating this amazing prankster who has gained much fame.

JOKER makeup 6

Make-up joker simple

Although she has less makeup than the original, she is still a way to imitate this character. But in a more natural way, without so much color white in the face, and an excellent idea to imitate the JOKER.

JOKER makeup 7

white face and smile

This is another alternative, just paint the whole face in color white and in the Machiavellian smile a red color. Without letting that look get lost full of trauma and chaos that characterize the true and mysterious supervillain.

JOKER makeup 8

blue eyes and red nose

This is a design of the new make-up JOKER, batman’s enemy, with more striking colors. always proving his psychopathic side, which is one of the many qualities that made this man famous character.

JOKER makeup 9

Reasons to do your makeup joker

This supervillain throughout his career has obtained much fame, becoming one of the favorites. with his attitude maniac conquered many viewers, who today pay homage to her, wearing her makeup that transmits her ego and her follies.

His long career

Many of his fans, in order to remember the incredible JOKER, They want to do this makeup. To keep in mind his role as a historically mysterious villain, because in each of his films it looks differently.

It is easy to do

Compared to other designs, this is very practical, you just paint your whole face white. A little black in the eyes and finally on the lips you place a smile of a clown. As a result you will get a amazing makeup JOKER.

It works for both sexes

This is another important reason, and that is that even a small boy can you make this design. Women and men who want demonstrate their egocentric and Machiavellian side, they must make this abstract work. It is very comfortable and above all easy to do, so it is recommended that you do the Try this makeup. It is a different idea that in recent years has been made very famous.



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