He permanent makeup is considered an alternative that avoids the application of make-up products daily. This idea may sound attractive and simply wonderful. However, it is important to take into account the risks involved in this procedure. Of In this way, each person will be able to make the best decision for their health.

Know the risks of makeup permanent you should know

A permanent makeup it’s a procedure in which pigments are injected into the dermis. This procedure compared to the realization of a normal tattoo. This kind of makeup has become quite popular nowadays. Therefore, it is important that the people recognize the risks to which they submit themselves with this practice.

awareness about the problems that can occur with permanent makeup is important. This will allow each person to choose what is best for them. Health should be more important than outward appearance. Because of this, the probabilities of deal with granulomas, infections, allergies and other kinds of problems.


The granulomas are masses slightly spherical in shape composed of immune cells. these masses nodules are formed when the essential immune system tries to isolate the substances strangers that he has not been able to remove. Therefore, one of the risks of the practice of make-up permanent is the appearance of these nodules.

Are masses unsightly appear in places where pigmentation takes place.

permanent makeup 2


The presence of infections is one of the most commented that come with the permanent makeup. exist more likely to develop infectious problems when the process is carried out in places without sanitary authorization. That is because the Materials that have not been sterilized transmit infectious agents.

permanent makeup 3

The list of infections that can be acquired by undergoing to permanent makeup includes HIV, hepatitis and conjunctivitis.


A keloid is a disproportionate scar. this kind of scars with extraordinary growth can be the result of undergo a permanent makeup procedure. These unsightly scars permanently injure the skin. For this reason, it is understandable that some people have not decided to use this popular technique.

permanent makeup 4

Disadvantages of removal

Technological advances have not made the removal of the make-up permanent be easy. These processes continue to be long, hard and expensive. In addition, the scars when trying to remove this type of makeup they are practically unavoidable. Therefore, it is necessary for the person to think very well whether or not he will undergo such a process.


Cases of allergic reactions are rare when speaking of the processes to apply permanent makeup. However, there is a possibility that the person is allergic to one of the products used to apply makeup. When an allergy occurs, the health of the person gets complicated.

permanent makeup 6

That happens because it is quite difficult to remove the ink to reverse the procedure. Because of that, it is recommended performance of certain medical tests before undergoing that process.


Images made with MRI They can bring with them some inconveniences. He permanent makeup uses this type of risky processes. One of the negative results come from permanently placed makeup is puffiness. In addition to Therefore, the person may experience burning in the area that has been affected.

permanent makeup 7

For this reason, the risks involved in submitting to the permanent makeup are not just cosmetic. this kind of procedures can make people feel well-being decrease.

Reasons not to use this make-up?

People who know what makeup consists of Permanents consider it a novel idea that simplifies life. Without embargo, it is necessary to take into consider the risks to make the best decision related to this issue.

Therefore, it is good to mention some of the reasons people have for refrain from using this makeup. These reasons can be summarized as Following way:

  1. are likely to experience dangerous allergic reactions with this makeup.
  2. The presence of infections can come from poorly performed processes of permanent makeup.
  3. The disproportionate scars have appeared in some cases of permanent makeup.
  4. It is possible that a pigmentation procedure produce unsightly nodules.



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