The little ones in the house love to dress up and one of the most important parts of a costume is finding makeup that goes perfectly, like the child makeup of Spiderman. In Halloween and in Carnival are the most important dates for costumes and are the times when our children ask us to Let’s paint the craziest things, with the most complicated masks and dresses.

Spiderman makeup for children

As parents we quickly learn to improvise and find great achievements are just old pants, some paint and some cardboard. But it is important to remember that if we apply ourselves a little more and dedicate a little more time to it, the result can be the most beautiful and our children will display it very proudly. In addition, it is always important to make our son want to be the best in the class and want to stand out, not because he should be superior to others, but because this will give him a little more self-confidence.

In this case, we want to talk about Spiderman makeup, this is the Marvel superhero that most attracts the little ones in the house, usually because of his youth and how fun he is. This is an ideal character, because in addition it shows them that just by being a normal guy they can achieve great things.

Spiderman makeup only one eye

spiderman costumes They usually come with a mask included., but most of the little things in the face overwhelm them and prevent them from having fun with complete freedom, so one of the best options is to complete this costume with makeup that attracts attention, such as the ones we show you in the images, these are easy to imitate and will inspire you to achieve it without problems.

Spiderman makeup: Step by step

Elaborate Spiderman Makeup

The first thing you should do is collect a series of materials, such as:

  • Makeup sponges.
  • Moisturizer.
  • Thick tip makeup brush.
  • Special white facial paint for children.
  • Special red facial paint for children.
  • Special black face paint for children or cream liner.
  • Make-up remover for after make-up.

Then you should go make up your little one with the following steps:

1-. you shall wash the face of our son with a soap for his skin, this can be the one you always use in the morning or even the same one you use to bathe him, but you must remove the trace of soap very well.

Funny Spiderman Makeup

2-. Then, when the face is dry, you should use the sponge to apply the white paint just around the eyes making a very large teardrop shape towards the temple.

3-. Once this is done you should take the red paint and paint the rest of the face with this color. Use another sponge so that don’t confuse the colors and you can touch up the white in case you need it.

Spiderman makeup simple mask

4-. Then you will have to take the black paint and the brush and you will have to start marking the edges of the white eye and then make some lines for the spider web. If you have doubts for draw it you must draw a line that divides the child’s face in two and then another horizontally, then join with transversal lines and that’s it.

Once this Spiderman makeup is finished, our son will be the sensation of the party. To make it last a little longer, apply makeup fixer, so you can be sure that it does what it does makeup will stay in good condition.

Spiderman Half Face Makeup

Remember, once you get home it is important that you remove your makeup very well, first with makeup remover wipes and then You must wash your face well. Apply some moisturizer when you’re done.

Watch for more inspiration, this Spiderman makeup video tutorial:


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