Each person is different, each skin is different, but makeup helps us unify some things, that is why today we want to talk to you about Makeup for BLONDES, This is a revlon makeup which can be completely different from the makeup of brunettes or dark-skinned girls.

The first thing that we must take into account before starting is that you choose what to use or not to use, we will only give you some tips on what is best to wear if you are blonde, but it is up to you to choose the makeup you want.

Makeup for BLONDES marked eyebrows
Makeup Tips for BLONDES

Women with blonde hair do not have exact rules for makeup, there are thousands of factors that could significantly alter the result of your look, for example the color of your skin, your eyes or even the time of day. This is the main advantage of blonde women, but they also have a disadvantage, too much or too little makeup can make them look messy, but you should not worry, today we will give you the best tips for excellent Makeup for BLONDES.

Makeup for outlined BLONDES

what kind of blonde are you

You cannot lie to yourself, you must be clear and consider the tone you have, regardless of whether it is natural or dyed. Your hair could be categorized into cool tone or warm tone. The coldest tones are those that are among the platinum ones, these are highly flattering for very white skin.

Makeup for BLONDES coral lips

While warm tones are much more natural, here we include highlights for a more beachy look. If you are a brunette or tanned woman you should use warm tones.


Makeup for BLONDES orange lips

Usually, blonde women will need a touch of beige dye so they don’t look so dull, and if you are very fair, you should opt for moisturizers with a little color. In addition, it is very important use of concealers to cover any mark, dark circles or veins that are very visible, since light tones make them even more potent.

eyes and eyebrows

The color of your eyes is what will make the main difference in your look. If your eyes are cold tones like blue or green, you should look for shadows beige, vanilla, mauves, aubergines and you must use outlined in black or dark brown. You should avoid the blue eye makeup.

Makeup for BLONDES nude lips

If you have dark or honey eyes, you should use warmer tones like gold, vanilla and even light green.

For the Makeup for BLONDES, the mascara should be present at all times, even when you wear a very simple or party makeup. You must use a brown tone for the day and an intense black for the night.

Makeup for BLONDES red lips

One of the most important points for Makeup for BLONDES It is the eyebrows, you must shape them and make up them with pencils of suitable tones according to your hair. If you are a natural blonde you should paint your eyebrows one or two shades darker, if you have dyed hair you should use a lower tone.

Makeup for BLONDES Natural

cheeks and lips

At this point again, your skin tone will determine the success of your makeup. For women with very light skin you should use shades of blush more pink or peach. For the most tanned or dark-haired, you should use the bronzer blush combo. It is very important that you take into account the shape of your face.

Makeup for BLONDES cold shadows

In the case of lipsticks, colder blondes should use softer lip glosses or lipsticks in coral, pink or cherry tones for daytime hours. For the night you should use fuchsia, burnt orange or bright red. Warm blonde women can use orange tones during the day and at night they can use scarlet reds or plum tones.

Makeup for BLONDES pink shadows

Additional tips

1-. In Makeup for BLONDES, too heavy colors should be avoided, as the contrast with the hair will be very dramatic. Among this we include the gothic shadows, very strong lipsticks or very bright pastel colors will not be suitable for you.

Makeup for BLONDES brown tones

2-. Sparse eyebrows or, on the contrary, more exaggerated eyebrows, could ruin the look in no time. You should coordinate your hair with your skin and your eyes, especially if your complexion is too dark How to pass for a natural blonde.

Beauty influencers show you the perfect blonde makeuphttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07dC4Iv5L8s


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