Today we want to talk to you about an art that has become very popular for Halloween makeup, both in women and girls, especially after the premiere of the disney coco ribbon. CATRINA Makeup is a way to honor the Mexican tradition, we tell you all the tricks so you can achieve it without problem.

Black and white CATRINA makeup

How to achieve CATRINA Makeup

Halloween is one of the most anticipated nights of the year, especially for younger children, but also as adults we need party makeupor meetings in which good makeup is required and one of the best is CATRINA Makeup, this one is excellent, because in addition to having a very interesting background in his culture, he is very feminine.

CATRINA skull makeup

This makeup was created by José Guadalupe Posada and baptized by the muralist Diego Rivera.

Materials you need to make CATRINA Makeup

1-. A special makeup for the white face.

2-. A special makeup for the face in black.

3-. A black eyeliner.

4-. A sponge to spread makeup.

5-. false eyelashes

6-. Ornamental stones.

7-. A fine brush.

Step by step to achieve CATRINA Makeup

1-. The first thing you should do is prepare your skin, it is very important that wash it well and apply hydration. In addition, you should choose a good fantasy makeup, there are many stores specializing in this type of makeup that will help you choose the one that best suits you. Those that are less aggressive for our skin are those that are called water-based paints.

CATRINA makeup Blue details

2-. Once you have all of the above ready and prepared, you should start with the white color. When doing CATRINA Makeup, it is very important to always start by applying light colors and you should leave the darkest colors for last, the last one you are going to apply is black. For this tutorial you will have it a little easier, because we will only use two pains. With the sponge you should spread all the white color on your face, ears and neck, you may need to apply two coats of makeup.

CATRINA makeup with details

3-. With the black eyeliner you should draw two circles around your eyes, you can use a guide so that both look exactly the same, very simple with a piece of cardboard cut out a circle and then rest it on your face and mark with the eyeliner.

CATRINA makeup red details

4-. followed by Make up the entire eyelid in black and blend with your fingers inside the circle you have created.

5-. On the black shadow that you created you have to apply retractable eyeliner that is emerald in color. Blend to achieve a degraded effect within the eye contour.

CATRINA makeup details in pink

6-. With the black eyeliner, draw a triangle at the tip of the nose and then fill it in by painting black. Next line and fill your lips also black.

CATRINA makeup in white

7-. Then you have to draw a horizontal line across the cheeks to extend from the mouth end the jaw features. Make some vertical lines to make it look like a skull denture.

CATRINA floral makeup

8-. at the height of your front draw the base of a heart as if you enlarge the eyebrows.

Lilac CATRINA makeup

9-. Around the heart you have to apply red eyeliner and blend as much as possible.

Romantic CATRINA makeup

10-. You must put on false eyelashes. If they are long and abundant, your costume will look much better.

CATRINA makeup only half

eleven-. To integrate the natural eyelashes with the false ones as well as possible, apply several layers of mascara.

Terrifying CATRINA makeup

12-. If you want your makeup to look more powerful, with the black liquid eyeliner you have to mark all the contours.

CATRINA makeup all pink

13-. Apply a layer of eyelash glue around the circle of the eyes that you made previously and on the entire line of the forehead and with a few small tweezers and a lot of patience apply small stones of colors around your eyes and in the forehead

Traditional CATRINA makeup

14-. Finish your costume with a Catrina hairstyle too, to do this, curl your hair and make a quiff in the front area, crease the hair well from the front to the sides and join them at the nape with some hairpins. Finally, place colorful accessories on your hair like intense red flowers.

Learn with the influencers to make up like a Catrina:


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