When are we going to do fantasy makeup for girls there is always an animal that comes to light and it is the butterfly. Therefore, today we want to help you recreate one of these butterfly makeup inspiring you with these 10 beautiful designs, but also guiding you a little with some tips and steps so that you achieve your goal and that the little one is the sensation of the party.

Quick and easy butterfly makeup

Adorable Butterfly Makeup Butterfly Makeup Like a Fairy
Butterfly Makeup Delicate and beautiful


Butterfly Makeup With Stencil Captivating Butterfly Makeup
Intriguing Butterfly Makeup Fantasy Butterfly Makeup

Steps to achieve a great butterfly makeup

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is that there are many ways to recreate a child makeup butterfly, you can start drawing on the face of the little girl with pink watercolor paints forehead, giving spaces for design. Then with the brush you must outline the wings in each natural space, highlight the contours of the butterfly with black so that it stands out much more. Then you will have to paint the wings with yellow and pink to highlight the color and to finish you will have to paint some antennae on the forehead.
  2. Another way to design a fantasy butterfly is to trace the entire shape of the butterfly with black eyeliner, then with makeup shadows you can begin to give color and more beauty to the wings. Never forget apply frosted tones or frost itself to make it stand out much more.
  3. One of the most important tricks for butterfly makeup is that you must exaggerate, here it does not matter how much color you use, it is important that you exaggerate everything and that the accessories and colors stand out, as we usually see in the drawings. If you have rhinestones, this is a very special way to apply a lot of shine to your makeup and It will also give it an artistic touch.
  4. Body makeup is usually done with aquacolor, this is a product that is special for the skin, it can be combined without problems with more conventional makeup, especially if we want to give it a more color tones Or we must blur more colors for the character you are creating, in this case the butterfly.
  5. The way to distribute the colors is very important, since these must be distributed according to the intensity and luminosity that we will use according to the face and we must also think about the harmony where the tones will have to come alive and that they stand out much more with the contrasts and tones.
  6. The butterfly makeup can be created with all the freedom you want, all while at the same time. color and the strokes you should make, you don’t have to follow the guidelines, but it should be easy for anyone viewing it to understand.
  7. When doing this makeup it is important that you draw the shape of the butterfly and see what the result of the design will be, so you can measure where to apply makeup and see if the design adapts well to the shape of the face that you are going to make up. remember that we are not only going to draw on it, but you also need to give it a smooth shape so that the butterfly makeup looks perfect.
  8. To be able to shape the face, you will have to create makeup that can respect the natural shape and also highlight the points of light to give it a more natural look. The way to distribute the tones is very important, since depending on the face they must be shaped to offer greater luminosity and intensity creating volume and sags For the image to be perfect, also if you want the colors to come alive you must apply complementary tones that can be blurred to make it look good.
  9. The colors that complement each other are those that are not related to each other and that, being so different, can stand out more and create an effect eye-catching for butterfly makeup.

Check out this video tutorial for butterfly makeup:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGLhWv_NFaM


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