In many countries the revlon makeup It is a little known brand, but in others it is a very popular brand that professional makeup artists and celebrities bet on. This is a brand that has products for both facial and body care, as well as makeup products, hair dyes and nail paints. One of the best known places to buy these products in Spain is belletica, where you can find a wide variety and very good prices on the entire variety of Revlon products.

Proof of this is the success it has had in other countries when celebrities like Jessica Alba, Halle Berry or Jessica Biel They make the image of the brand. However, in countries like Spain or some of Latin America this is a brand that is sold in perfumeries or drugstores, it is considered cheap range makeup, it is a little more expensive than Maybelline or Rimmel, but it is very widely available. below the Clinique or Estee Lauder brand.

Revlon Brand

Today we want to talk to you about the 6 things that you probably did not know about Revlon makeup and that it is very important that you know so that you can learn more about this wonderful brand. You can also read about the brand of jordan makeup, a brand in great growth.

Things you should know about Revlon makeup

We have already tried many articles from this brand and each one is better than the other, it is excellent for all skin types and also provides a coverage for many skin tones.

1-. One of the best revlon makeup What you will find on the market is Colorstay, all the influencers who have talked about this brand mention it. It has several variations and you can also find it in many stores, if not on Amazon or any online store.

Makeup Revlon Lipsticks

2-. Revlon makeup coverage is excellent, gives good coverage, oil free and long-lasting, but also has a sun protection factor.

3-. Most Revlon makeup containers are tubeless instead of plastic, which makes it much easier to apply.

4-. If we compare it with MAC makeup, Revlon is highly durable. The lipsticks are one of the ones that we should highlight the most from the brand, because it is highly durable and has a matting effect, which allows us to have a more natural effect. Meet the ecological makeup.

Revlon Foundation Makeup

5-. One of the points in favor of Revlon is that it is an economical brand and that it has an excellent range of tones for each type of skin.

6-. We cannot fail to mention the Revlon makeup shadows, these are from excellent quality and have a long duration on the eyelid. They have matching ranges of shades that make them look very pretty together.

Revlon Makeup Lipsticks

Revlon is a highly recognized makeup brand in the world, in addition to being highly recommended and used by experts we provides impressive security with what we are buying.

However, our recommendation, both with this and with other makeup, is that you try small areas of your skin to see if it is recommended for you and you do not produce any allergic reaction.

Revlon Makeup Nail Paints

Another very important point is that you use a makeup that is suitable for your skin type, If you don’t have oily skin, you don’t need to use a mattifying or oily skin foundation. The same happens with dry skin. Always use your own makeup and do not share it with anyone else, these are personal products that it is important that we take care of their health. Just as we must constantly clean the brushes and sponges that you use, these are filled with bacteria that can affect our skin.

Finally, we will never get tired of telling you how important it is that you wash your face very well after having been all day with makeupIt is not enough to use wet wipes, you must wash your face very well.

Here you will learn more about the Revlon brand:


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