Makeup is one of the fields of beauty that has undergone a great evolution. The sophisticated makeup techniques used today still have some inspiration from bygone eras. He 70s makeup can be modernized to create an uncommon classic look.

Meet the best 70s makeup ideas that are in fashion

The characteristics that distinguish the makeup of the 70s allow people to be inspired by this style. Distinguishing these characteristics maximizes the possibilities of modernization of this makeup. For this reason, it is useful to have noteworthy aspects of the 70s makeup that can be implemented on a daily basis.

The seventies makeup ideas are quite easy to distinguish and put into practice. For example, an important detail of this kind of style is the prominence of the eyes. The features of the face in the makeup of the 70s had more naturalness. However, this makeup fulfilled its role of attracting attention by beautifying the face of women.

colorful eyes

The prominence of the eyes is an idea of ​​the 70s makeup It has been successfully modernized. For this reason, the application of bright and clear shadows over the eyes is recommended. The colors that were most used on the eyes in the seventies style were pink, gold and blue.

In the same way, colors like green and gray with bright or slightly frosted tones were also used. These colors were applied in a curved way in order to attract attention to the eyes.

70s makeup 1

marked outline

He Eyeliner was considered a must-have feature in 1970s makeup. This feature increased the power of the gaze and highlighted the eyes in a positive way. The black outline was done with a special pencil. The shape of the eyeliner was made in the lower and upper part of the eye to highlight even more.

70s makeup 2

Long lashes

The length of the eyelashes is another of the factors of great relevance for the application of the 70s makeup. Therefore, the use of mascara, also called mascara, is important. The women of the 70s made an impact with their gaze highlighted with long black eyelashes.

In fact, there were some women of the time who took risks by using false eyelashes. This fact is remarkable because, nowadays, the use of false eyelashes is more and more common.

70s makeup 3

Pink cheeks

The woman who wants to imitate or be inspired by the makeup of the 70s must maintain a certain naturalness in her face. The makeup finish should give the impression of being naturally flawless. Of course, the naturalness of makeup does not prevent the use of blush on the cheeks. The blush tone that was used so as not to break the natural essence was pink.

For this reason, a salmon pink color may be the ideal shade for today’s women. The way in which the cheeks are highlighted adds a touch of simplicity to makeup.

70s makeup 4

light lips

Because the role of 70s makeup It’s from the look, the color of the lips is not very intense. The lips were highlighted with pink tones that evoked a character of naturalness. In addition to that, the lips were lightly highlighted with a gloss. This is a characteristic of the seventies style that today’s women can apply in their day to day.

70s makeup 5

Defined eyebrows

The definition of the eyebrows is a fundamental aspect that marked the makeup of the 70s. The women of the 70s had eyebrows with a slightly arched and raised shape. By defining the eyebrows, it is possible to focus more eyes on the eye makeup.

70s makeup 6

Reasons to use this 70s makeup?

Women have many reasons to be inspired by the makeup of the 70s. Some of the reasons to take advantage of the 70s style are the following:

  1. Seventies makeup evokes a certain natural essence that is positive.
  2. The makeup techniques of the 70s are easy to put into practice.
  3. Ancient times are setting a modernized trend in the world of makeup.



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