The 50s were clearly marked by fashions that still cannot be forgotten today. These fashions were related to the style of hair and clothing. However, the makeup models that stood out at that time should not be overlooked. When detailing the 50s makeup, it is possible to modernize some aspects to carry these beautiful styles.

Get to know the best 50s makeup ideas that are in fashion

Various things characterize 50s makeup. For this reason, it is possible to specify some details of the makeup models that prevailed at that time. This allows some designs to be adapted to current trends. For example, red lips, thick eyeliner, long eyelashes, light shadows, and accentuated blush stand out.

These things can be incorporated into modern makeup styles and create a new trend. For this reason, it is practical to know more about some steps to carry out the flirtatious makeup of the 50s.

Red lips

Red lips are an undeniable characteristic of the style that characterized the 50s makeup. The striking red color predominated in the faces of the vast majority of women who lived at the time. This color is truly alluring and is often associated with the sensual.

For this reason, it is not surprising that red shades on the lips have not yet gone out of style. The woman who wants to imitate a fifties look with her makeup should make the color red highlight her lips. With that brilliant color, the lips become the center of makeup attention.

50s makeup 1

slightly thick liner

A clear protagonist of the makeup of the 50s was the eyeliner. The use of this instrument for makeup became enormously popular at that time. The powerful and intense look displayed with the help of that product is impressive. Of course, it is important that when following this makeup model the eye shape of each person is taken into account.

In that way, it is possible to achieve a really harmonious and flirtatious look. The women of the 50s stood out for their beautiful eyes enhanced with eyeliner. Therefore, it is understandable that this simple style is once again setting the trend.

50s makeup 2

accentuated cheekbones

The accentuation of the cheekbones is a determining factor in the appearance that the 50s makeup Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the way in which that facial feature will be highlighted. Images of makeup worn by women in the 1950s reveal the proper way to accentuate your cheekbones.

The blush that was most used at that time was not clear or striking pinkish tones. On the contrary, it was common in the 1950s to see women with slightly opaque blush in brown tones. Those less bright tones contributed to other details being the center of attention.

50s makeup 3

Dark shadows

Dark shades were traditionally used for the eyes. In the world of makeup, The 1950s stood out because of the way the eyes were accentuated. Therefore, the use of outstanding shadows is essential for the woman who wants to imitate this style.

Eyeshadow application in the 1950s did not include elaborate and complicated blending processes. The simplicity to follow this style is one reason why now The makeup of the 50s is becoming popular.

50s makeup 4

thin eyebrows

The slightly thin and sharp shape was common in the eyebrows of women in the 1950s. These eyebrows gave the appearance of being somewhat similar to the wing of a dove. For that reason, these eyebrows accentuated the other facial features. This kind of eyebrow shape is being used by many people today.

50s makeup 5

Reasons to use 50s makeup?

the classes of makeup from times like the 50s are becoming a trend again in various parts of the world. For that reason, there are plenty of reasons to try performing these simple yet beautiful makeup looks.

  1. The 50s makeup positively attract attention.
  2. A 50s-inspired makeup can be easily put together.
  3. The fashion of ancient times is being used by many people again.



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