Vamp makeup is one of the most popular among girls when they arrive parties like Halloween either Carnival. It is a very versatile costume because it allows us to play with our makeup, but it also allows us to be creative with the rest of our outfit. That is why today we have brought an image gallery with 15 completely chilling ideas for your vampire makeup.

But first we want to talk to you about what you must have to create the vampire makeup, so that it looks amazing and be the vampire What attracts the most attention at the party.

Types of vampire makeup

1-. white makeup

White makeup is very popular right now for many costumes, you can find it in specialized stores in party makeup and in some makeup stores. This is ideal for us to combine with our base and look very pale, just like these creatures.

2-. Black or purple shadows

Surely you already have a makeup case with these shades, but these are essential for your vampire makeup, you will need them to create the dark circles, but also to work the contour of the face a bit so that you look much thinner and haggard.

3-. Lenses or contact lenses

This can be an extra, but for vampire makeup it is important that you have contact lenses, we recommend that they be red, completely black or even white. These can be a bit expensive, but you can use them for different costumes and be the sensation of the party.

4-. Fangs

You can’t be a vampire without a good pair of fangs, there are some tutorials that will teach you how to create them at home, but you can also buy them ready-made and simply stick them to your teeth to give a much more chilling look to your disguise We leave you a tutorial with the explanation:

5-. False blood

A vampire lives on human blood, so it’s important that your makeup includes even a little false blood. You can find it at any costume store.

6-. false eyelashes

Vampiress are described as very beautiful women who are always glamorous and attractive to humans. For this, much more is needed than an outfit that is suggestive, you must add some suggestive false eyelashes and thick that steal everyone’s attention.

7-. Attire

Now we must tell you a little about the attire of the vampires, the colors black, violet, red are the predominant ones in these costumes, they must be skirts, leather pants, suggestive shirts and the heeled shoes are a must.

VAMPIRES makeup photo gallery: 15 creepy ideas!

1-. A more classic touch

Classic vampire makeup

This is a perfect makeup for girls who don’t want a dark makeup but something a little simpler, but still mysterious.

2-. drastic and dark

Scary vampire makeup

As you can see this makeup is much more spooky than the previous one and it is definitely for the girls more risky and willing to dress up.

3-. Violet color and something more trendy

Trendy vampire makeup

If you want something much more trendy and fun, this ideal for you, get inspired and customize it to your liking.

4-. Tears of blood

Vampire blood tears makeup

Some legends tell that when a vampire cries, he cries tears of blood, this is a very original makeup and it will certainly set you apart from the other girls dressed as vampires.

5-. Glamorous and very creepy

Glamorous vampire makeup

This is one of the simplest make-up, you will only have to do a normal make-up and then add a terrifying touch thanks to the fake blood and fangs.

6-. The utility of shadows

Makeup with vampire shadows

Here you can see how important black shadows are to make a good vampire makeup, it is important that you learn to contour your face so that you look more haggard and intriguing.

7-. demonic

demonic vampire makeup

This is definitely one of our favorite makeup looks, but it is also one of the most difficult to achieve. Here you will need all the materials that we mentioned before and some more, such as the ears and liquid latex to make the scar.

8-. fake blood everywhere

fake blood vampire makeup

If you wear a plunging neckline, a good idea is to spread a bit of false blood to make a much more chilling effect.

9-. utterly terrifying

terrifying vampire makeup

If you have some makeup skills, this is a great costume for you, plus you’ll be the party sensation everyone will be scared to see you.

10-. The importance of contact lenses

Makeup with vampire contact lenses

Contact lenses are ideal for making a simple makeup looks unbelievably terrifying.

eleven-. outfits

Vampiress makeup and outfit

The outfit is everything when dressing up as a vampire, take your time to choose the right clothes for you.

12-. Veins

Vampire veins makeup

Veins play a very important role in most vampire costumes. they will give you a touch a lot scarier to your disguise

13-. Impress with the color of your eyes

Vampiress eyes makeup

In makeup the most important thing is to impress and you definitely achieve that with this look.

14-. Dramatic

dramatic vampire makeup

This makeup is perfect, you could almost go anywhere with it, but if you add the colored contacts it will look much more creepy.

fifteen-. classic and creepy

Classic vampire makeup

this is a look amazing and will steal everyone’s attention wherever you are.


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