Pin Up makeup is inspired by the fashion of the 40s and 50s in the United States. However, currently many women continue to use it, as it is a timeless makeup that we all love. Pin Up girls or magazine and calendar girls of that era were photographed very provocative, but never revealing.

The characteristics of this look are wavy hair, the eyeliner, the very red lips, but there is also something very important to complement this style and it is the outfit, where we see a lot of neckline and tight dresses that define our silhouette.

Today we want to help you achieve this look, but not just the makeup, but the full lookWell, as we mentioned before, the Pin Up look is everything, not just makeup.

Follow these tips to achieve PIN UP makeup

1-. Eyes that catch everyone’s attention

PIN UP makeup: Keys to achieve the best style!

In Pin Up makeup there is something that cannot be missing and it is eye makeup. For this style you probably already know the makeup you should do, it is the intense black eyeliner known as the CAT EYE or the cat eyeliner, this is an eyeliner that goes around the edge of the upper lashes and at the outer end it extends up a little more to achieve a torn look.

It may be a bit difficult at first. Our tips for you to achieve it are:

  • Use a good quality liquid eyeliner.
  • Rest your little finger gently on your face to stabilize your pulse.
  • Follow the imaginary line between the outermost point of your eye and the corner of the eyebrow.
  • Start with small outlines and gradually increase them.

2-. Shadow and mascara

PIN UP makeup: Keys to achieve the best style!

The eyeliner is the protagonist in your eyes, but if you want to give your eyes a little more illumination, make sure to use light shadows that can open your eyes, the appropriate tones for this are vanilla and champagne, these should be applied to the entire eyelid. Something that without a doubt cannot be missing is the mascara, you must use one that lifts your eyelashes and curls them, it is best that you apply several layers until achieve the desired effect.

3-. The unmissable red lips

PIN UP makeup: Keys to achieve the best style!

As you must already know, the pinup makeup it is about making us look much sexier, but without the need to show skin, that is why the best makeup to achieve it is red lips, for the pinup style you will need the most tried shades of the red tone scale. with this tutorial you can know better which lip shade you should use.

4-. Perfect eyebrows

PIN UP makeup: Keys to achieve the best style!

This may seem unnecessary to you or that it will go unnoticed within makeup and clothing, but it is not so, eyebrows are fundamental elements to achieve a Pin Up style perfect. You must be very well shaved, if possible and if you like that style, they must have an arch shape, be very well cared for and made up. You must fill them in with an eyebrow pencil that matches the color of your hair and you must comb them gently, but respecting their shape.

5-. Hair

PIN UP makeup: Keys to achieve the best style!

It is possible that it is not part of the makeup as such, but this is a very important element when putting together your pinup makeup. You should know that there are three characteristic elements of this style:

  • The soft curls at the ends.
  • The bangs toupee wave-shaped or very short.
  • Hair in a single solid color, without highlights or highlights and preferably in dark tones.

It is not necessary that you curl it, but you should wear your hair loose, decorate it with a flower or something accessory that matches the outfit and your hair should be dark tones.

Speaking of the outfit, there are a few things you should know, as Pin Up makeup will not be complete without the appropriate dressFor this we will give you some tips.

You should know that this is a very sexy style, characterized by the use of tight-fitting garments that define our silhouette, especially our waist and hips. a neckline for our bust is essential.

An excellent way to wear the Pin Up style is to wear dresses, these are not too short, they can even reach below the knee, but they are very tight to our body. Colors should be between red, black, a bit of white, and green. you can also use different patterns such as polka dots or animal print.

Another way to achieve this style is tube skirts or pencil skirts, it is an essential garment to achieve the pin up style. But if there is something that cannot be missing after makeup, it is high-heeled shoes, these must be the ones stilettos, specifically those with stiletto heels.

If you want to take the sexy a little further and you want to recreate the pin up style to the maximum, you cannot leave behind the garter belts or the stockings with garter belts, these were shown by the models of the 40s and 50s with positions or suggestive attitudes.

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