He INDIAN makeup is not suitable, all women are fans of makeup and cosmetics to look more beautiful but many times the brand of the product is not satisfactory at all, they do not meet the benefits it offers, for this reason when purchasing products you have to be very careful since the skin is a very sensitive organ, whether it is the skin of the face or any part of the body. body because if you use very strong cosmetics it can cause skin rashes causing skin allergies.

INDIAN makeup

Since women cover imperfections with good makeup, this is why it is important to choose cosmetics from a good brand that is suitable for all skin types, but in INDIA where all women are dark-skinned they have an obsession to look light skin the cosmetics industry has a million-dollar business thanks to this situation, it makes its roots go down because they motivate women to change their dark skin with the help of cosmetics.

5 reasons why not buy makeup INDIA.

  • Most beauty products are made with steroids, which makes them effective when it comes to lightening the skin tone, but this only harms your skin since it is more prone to infections. The important thing is not to have a fair skin tone but to have healthy skin and not have harmful effects.

INDIAN Foundation

  • These cosmetics are made with mica This is a mineral that is characterized by being shiny, for this reason it is used in the cosmetics industry, in India there is the greatest wealth of this mineral in the world, but the extraction of this mineral is an illegal activity since they use the children as slaves forced to work in the mica mines to extract said mineral. This is an inhuman activity where boys and girls risk their lives so that the women of the world look beautiful.
  • This makeup instead of helping you will make your expression lines and wrinkles look more.

Powder Makeup INDIA

  • It is not at all favorable and at the moment you can highlight your beauty but later you can have side effects since your skin can be irritated.
  • The idea of ​​makeup is to use high-quality products that provide benefits for your skin without later regretting using them. Most cosmetics are made with oils which is not favorable for all skin types. It is very good to use cosmetics made with natural products as long as they meet the benefits they offer. We do not recommend the INDIAN makeup


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