He zombie makeup It is one of the most chosen and classic when it comes to dressing up. Design is possible to do, economical and also easy to combine with costume clothing.

In this article we will leave you 10 spectacular ideas for zombie makeup, but first we will give you some tips to keep in mind when applying makeup.

First we must talk about the products that you will use for the classic zombie makeup. As you know, there are all kinds and prices of products that you can buy, but we will try to simplify and save so that everyone who reads can do it.

We must have:

  • white liquid foundation
  • black paint
  • black eyeliner
  • Sponges to apply paints (optional)

First we must clean our skin well and dry it properly so that later the liquid base adheres well to our complexion. After that, do not apply any type of cream, otherwise you will not be able to make the paint adhere correctly.

The first thing you will do is apply the black paint around your eyes.

Then you must grab a sponge or with your fingers you will begin to apply the white liquid base all over the face, also covering the neck, chest (if necessary), and your ears.

We recommend that you use sponges as these will give a more uniform finish and will make it stick well to your skin.

Once it has dried you will outline your eyes in the water line and if you want your look to be more dramatic apply mascara.

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Another great option to dress as a zombie is make up recreating an open wound. As you know, to become a zombie you must first be bitten by one, so this makeup would be the first stage of a zombie.

We are going to need:

  • -White glue
  • -Base the color of your skin
  • – 1 Fork
  • – Red enamel
  • -Red lipstick
  • – Shadows: reddish, black and purple

The first thing, as we already told you, you will clean your skin well and dry it. Then on a plate you will throw white glue and you will mix it with the base of the color of your skin. You will apply this in the area where you want the “wound” to be. You will choose the size of this.

6-ZOMBIE makeup: 10 spectacular ideas! - maquillaje halloween zombie rubia 1 600x340You will let the tail dry. once dry You will apply around the wound, reddish and purple shadow. Remember that it is not necessary that it is perfectly painted.

Then, when the glue is completely dry, with the fork you will remove pieces of tail by dragging the tail. This will give you the effect of an open, skinned wound.

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In these holes we’ve made, You will apply the black shadow and then around and in a messy way you will apply the red lipstick. This is to make it look like blood was coming out, so the less perfect it is painted, the more real it will look.

If you want this one to look more real, apply red nail polish together with the lipstick.

8-ZOMBIE makeup: 10 spectacular ideas! - maquillaje halloween 2014 zombie realismo 600x507Once the wound is done, you will continue with the rest of the makeup. Ideally, you should apply some powder or liquid foundation a few tones lighter than your skin; make up your black eyes; get some bruises with purple shade.

Choose to let your imagination fly and do it as you like!

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