why be inspired by kendall jenner? because it is the celebrity, model and influencer most valued in the world of fashion and beauty for its versatility to wear any outfits .

It is the favorite star of famous cosmetic brands for his beauty and naturalness.

Kendall Jenner

That’s why in this post I’m going to show you 6 inspiring makeup ideas for you to emulate kendall jenner and you feel like a star.


as we already said kendall jenner she is famous for her face fresh and natural. You will never see it overloaded or full of colors, not even in a glamorous event. Always balance your features and accentuate the favorable points.

This makeup option is extremely natural, with a excellent makeup base, without eyeliner or shadows, a good shaping and makeup of the eyebrows and only mascara, to end in a red lipstick which is the center of this make up.

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This option will allow you to be elegant in an evening event or in which the “dress code” indicate a elegant sport. This make up that carries kendall jenner is focused on highlight the look. Lined in the upper and lower part of the eyelid, copper shadows and abundant mascara are the success of this sensual look .Finish the makeup with a soft blush and a nude lipstickvery creamy to balance.

Kendall Jenner elegant sport makeup


Continuing with the natural beauty of kendall , in this option `we can see a make up Ideal to go to a rock recital for example. Or to accompany a elegant rocker outfit .

How do you do it? With a light base, outlined and black shadows on the upper eyelid with a light fadedand a berry lipstick that accompanies the blush in the same color range.

kendall jenner make up glam rock


If you want to wear a japanese oriental look, this option that takes kendall jenner is delicate and natural. Just inspired by a geisha , with a foundation that is lighter than her skin tone, a light pale pink blush, outlined and outlined eyebrows, outlined upper eyelid simulating a slanted eye and outlined mouth and in a raspberry tone, they correctly achieve this exotic and natural look.

kendall jenner make up oriental

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To accompany an elegant black dress, in a glamorous night, it is not necessary to leave aside the naturalness. In this make up you can see soft eyeliner and shadows with earth tones but with shine and the lips in deep red but matte, what do they give elegance and freshness at once.

kendall jenner evening makeup


kendall jenner makeup

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If you are young and beautiful like kendall jenner , and you have to attend a super glamorous event, and in turn you have chosen a very important dress or jewelry for the outfit, you should highlight your youth with a make up as natural as possible. In this case, Kendal highlights her accessories and dress by minimizing her makeup to the maximum, using only eyeliner and soft shadows, and natural lipstick. This also highlights their natural features, which are extremely attractive.


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