There is no doubt that between your trips to buy makeup or cosmetics Have you seen in the shop windows as one of the options of the brand’s products? The real

the real

This time we will tell you what the users of INFALLIBLE LOREAL, a makeup that is giving people talk.

Let’s talk about L’Oreal

This firm is characterized by offering the most effective products at the best price and which is found in more than 100 countries around the world, has the most innovative laboratories in terms of cosmetics and skin and body care.

The real focuses on developing superior quality products, using technological advances, which allow their products to be accessible to everyone.

This makes the company have a wide range of products, since its reach to the countries of the world is vast, and the types and colors of skins vary according to the country and the geographical area in which its users live.

What products does L’Oreal offer?

As to makeups has a wide variety of products:

Primers and fixers -Correctors and highlighters – Makeup bases – Sun powder – Blush – Brushes -Contouring makeup

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for the eyes

Masks -Shadows -Eyeliner and liner -Eyebrows

loreal mascara

eyeliner loreal

for the mouth

Lipstick -Gloss -Lip contour

loreal lipsticks

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For hands

Nail polish – Nail treatment

loreal enamels


The slogan of the Infallible L’Oreal is “It resists everything”

According to the company, it is clinically proven that resists water, sweat and steam.

infallible 24h matte Loreal Infallible

It is recommended for oily skin, with a predominance of sebum, acne and dilated pores. For desquamated and dehydrated skin.

The Benefits: keeps skin shine-free; removes red or pinkish areas, matte finish achieved by the mineral perlite that works by absorbing water and oil from the skin.



  • Ten shades to choose from: Loreal Infallible has a wide range of shades from the lightest to the darkest. With sub tones from yellowish to pink and bronze, which adapt to any type of skin.
  • container with dispenser
  • Ideal for oily skin who always have problems getting makeup that does not leave shine.
  • Medium coverage of imperfections
  • It unifies the tone of the skin
  • Plastic Packaging that allows you to use every last drop of product.


  • Does not have sun protection
  • Does not resist 24 hours. as it says on its packaging, because… who is wearing makeup 24 hours a day? But if It resists very well up to 9 hours. maximum.
  • Mark expression lines… so be careful if you have some!


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