The witches They have always been the terror of children and adults. Perhaps that fear comes from the memory of those children’s story characters in which those evil beings were as ugly on the inside as they were on the outside.

WITCH makeup: 10 scary designs! - Madrastras y brujas

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Do you think witches exist? I leave that up to your criteria and your beliefs, but all those who have personified and designed have been inspired by someone. witch makeup horrendous that are very scary!

If you are prepared to be very scary in some kind of theme event, for Halloween or simply to play a prank on your friends, we will leave you the 10 scary witch makeup designs!

We recommend you for a more realistic look combine your make up with a costume consisting of a broom, a pointy hat, super messy hair, and a loose and rather messy dress.


Just as clown makeup has basic issues to be able to carry it out, such as basic colors and exaggerated expressions, In a Witches makeup you should not miss:

1-pale or green face: for this you can use some powder or liquid base a lighter or green tone.

WITCH makeup: 10 scary designs! - hqdefault2-lDark circles: To simulate wonderful dark circles, you can use gray matte shadows or simply apply eyeliner and then spread it with a sponge, next step you apply compact powder so that the applied is unified.

2-thin lips

4- toothless mouth

WITCH makeup: 10 scary designs! - maxresdefault 1

5- some scar: If you want to know how to do it click on “Halloween makeup … the 10 most chilling”

6- bleeding eyes

7- abundant eyebrows: to give it that effect you can paint them wider than they are normally

WITCH makeup: 10 scary designs! - maxresdefaultasda8- a mole with hairs:A great trick for applying hairs on a mole is to glue a false eyelash hair by hair.

WITCH makeup: 10 scary designs! - sdaasd

9- Pointy nose

As we always tell you, we leave the rest to your imagination. You can use all or some of these features, Worry about putting everything you can think of to look terrible!

WITCH makeup: 10 scary designs! - image thumb7But always remember that if you decide to do it to go to a party or special occasion, the important thing is that You must feel comfortable with both your makeup and your costume. The main thing is that you enjoy the moment and be the star of the party!


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