Generally when we hear the name “LANCOME“the image, sensation and memory is that they aregood quality products, with a historical presence in the markets of beauty and makeup, and they really are, but for this we will summarize in this entry the opinions of women who have used it.

LANCOME. The company

lancome logo

LANCOME is one of the most prestigious cosmetic companies in the world, for the quality and durability of its products.
They also have a unique distribution and benefits system such as luxury samples of your choice free in shipments. Free shipping costs from a certain purchase amount (which is not very high). He Packaging they are luxurious boxes and gift papers.

The most recommended product and with the best opinions

We already know that each type of skin needs specific products, and generally when cleaning or remove make-up these

products are generic and do not discriminate if your skin is dry, oily or have a problem.

lancome micellar water
For this reason, many women recommend Lancome Eau Douceur Micellar Cleansing Water for the face eyes and lips. Although not cheap it is very efficient and effective, so it is worth investing in that product.

Recommended in Makeup

We will leave you some makeup products, which many women have recommended and left their positive opinion:

– Eyeliner . Ink Artliner

lancome eyeliner

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– Ultra-shiny Juicy Tube Lip Gloss

lancome lip gloss
– Fluid Fund Makeup Base. The Base Pro

LANCOME makeup Are they good? Read the opinions - LANCOME 10

– Hypnose Palette Matte – Nude Shadows

lancome nude shadows
– Effacernes Longue Tenue Long-lasting dark circles concealer

lancome dark circle concealer


although they are expensive or mid-range products, are highly durable and of very good quality. The recommendation of those who have used it is that if you have the money to invest in makeup, you do it in products in lancome.

For dehydrated skin

LANCOME nutrix makeup

The users of lancome recommend LANCOME NUTRIX for the dry and dehydrated skin. Since beyond leaving it soft, it nourishes and protects the sensitive skin.

Lancome Makeup Base

All opinions agree in which the Lancome Foundations are one of the best.

lancome liquid foundation

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And as we know in the field of makeup, andThe secret of an excellent result is the Base that you put on your face. So the investment must be there, in a very good makeup base, light and suitable for your skin type. Once that is achieved, you can save by buying other products at a lower price such as eyeliner, mascara or shadows.


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