We envy the famous, for their beauty, their wardrobe and their life, but many times we do not imagine what they are like in their day to day, outside of the red carpet or prestigious events. But when they are out of these they are exactly like us and many times they don’t feel like wearing makeup, but that surprises us enormously. For this reason, today we have created a photo gallery with Celebrities without makeup and you will not recognize number 10.

Celebrities without makeup: surprise yourself with their natural looks

1-. Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

Eva is one of the women who have become a benchmark of beauty throughout the world. Many makeup brands have included her as one of their ambassadors, but what happens when she doesn’t wear makeup, because the actress did a photo session where she shows her face without a drop of makeup and shows us that she is just as beautiful with or without makeup.

2-. zendaya


The singer and actress Zendaya is one of the icons of fashion and current beauty and with makeup you can accentuate and pronounce the exotic features that this girl has, but she was captured by the paparazzi without makeup and the change is impressive. While she doesn’t look as gorgeous and unattainable as she does with makeup, we believe that your beauty is natural and comes from personality.

3-. Demi Leigh

Demi Leigh

Demi was crowned the most beautiful woman in the world in 2017. This young woman from South Africa has no rival in terms of her beauty, so she has had no problem showing herself without makeup to all her Instagram followers and the result is impressive. , this girl is beautiful with or without makeup.

4-. hiba abouk

hiba abouk

The actress has always enhanced her natural beauty with very sober makeup where her eyes and lips stand out, but she has not hesitated for a second in showing herself without makeup on Instagram during her vacation and has left us crazyWell, it’s unbelievably beautiful.

5-. Heidi klum

Heidi klum

Heidi is a beautiful woman, an icon and a role model in her life and the way she leads it. She has always shown herself with very simple makeup, letting us know that this is a girl who values ​​her natural beauty, but our biggest surprise was when she showed herself without a drop of mineral makeup and she looks incredibly beautiful walking like nothing on one of the streets of New York showing that he has an enviable complexion and that at 44 years old it seems that time does not pass for her.

6-. Cristina Pedroche

Cristina Pedroche

Cristina is a presenter who usually resorts to more elaborate looks, she loves to dare with very dark lip tones, but always with the most beautiful skin. She also shared a photo on her social networks that surprised all her followers, where she showed herself without any makeup, showing that there is nothing to fear and that the beauty should definitely be worn with attitude And not just with makeup.

7-. Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley

The actress known mainly for her role in Pirates of the Caribbean, has always been seen with little makeup, but it was the paparazzi who photographed her without a drop of makeup while walking through one of the many streets of her city. This girl definitely has a beautiful and completely enviable complexion, many will prefer her without any makeup, but we think she looks wonderful.

8-. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

Salma is a beautiful woman, but she is already of some age, she has shown herself on her social networks without a drop of makeup, showing that she takes good care of her skin, but also that makeup favors her a lot, but it favors all of us, right? Salma looks gorgeous with or without makeup.

9-. Gwyneth Palthrow

Gwyneth Palthrow

The actress and model has led a very healthy life, has her own line of products for have perfect skinand the beautiful face and also a series of books where he recommends excellent diets to take care of your body. She has shamelessly shown herself to the world without makeup and we think she looks wonderful, very beautiful and with very radiant skin.

10-. Irina Shaik

Irina Shaik

Irina has an enviable beauty, she is one of the most beautiful women in the world and this beauty doesn’t change much with or without makeup And we love seeing her in the nude because a model of her size is rarely seen without products to cover up her blemishes to uphold her reputation.

See more celebrities without makeup herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8H3U8iv0E8


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