We all want to look spectacular at all times of our day, for this we must take good care of the skin of our face, as well as know how to do good makeup for the day. Therefore, we have made a list with 10 essential tips to keep you looking beautiful all day long, no matter what style you decide to wear.

Tips so that all your makeup for the day is perfect

1-. the creams

Makeup for the delicate day

One of the most important points to see ourselves beautiful and that our makeup for blondesor brunettes look spectacular is the care of our skin. Before starting to make up, we must wash very well and apply a moisturizing cream with small circular massages, we must wait for it to be completely absorbed. This will not only help you to have splendid skin, but your makeup for the day will last much longer on your face.

2-. tinted moisturizers

Make-up for the day outlined

If you do not want to apply too heavy a makeup base, one of the ideal techniques for a more natural makeup are colored moisturizers, these They will provide a lot of softness to the skinIf you are still going to use foundation, they can be a perfect primer to make your makeup look spectacular throughout the day.

3-. Base

Makeup for the elegant day

For the makeup base we must take several things into account, the first and most important thing is that it must be the tone of our skin, if it is a little darker or lighter it will not look good. You should apply it on the neck as well. You can mix two colors to achieve the ideal shade. It is very important that we use a base according to our day, some may be thicker or cover more than others, this will depend on your tastes. For a natural make-up we recommend bases with medium coverage.

4-. The eyes

Makeup for the day matte lips

For the Makeup for the day we must apply a little makeup primer, but this is an optional step, the only difference it will make is that the makeup will last much longer. The shadows should be in light tones consistent with the tone your skin, your hair, the occasion and also the outfit you will wear.

5-. concealer

Makeup for the day red lips

For girls with dark circles it is essential, the concealer should only be applied in the areas that need it and not all over the face, it can be applied before or after the foundation depending on the girl’s taste. It should be applied to the tear ducts., around the nose and should be applied with small taps to prevent wrinkles and make it last much longer.

6-. Shades

Makeup for the day for any occasion

As we mentioned in a previous point, for the Makeup for the day you will only need natural tones, one that is the same tone as your skin, you will apply this to the entire mobile eyelid and extend it to the eyebrow bone. Another color that will be a medium tone, with this you will give your eyes more shape, you should apply it in the crease of the eye making a V shape. And an illuminating color for the tear duct and below the eyebrow.

7-. mascara

Makeup for the simple day

This is a must have product for any fancy makeup, it will help you highlight your look much more, you should use one that is long-lasting and you can apply two to three coats so that it looks natural, but marked.

8-. the eyeliner

Makeup for the sexy day

It can be in pencil, gel or liquid, it all depends on your taste, you can still use it or not, but you can give your look a bit of intensity by drawing small dots on the upper part of the eyelashes, you will give it much more intensity.

9-. Flush

Makeup for the day bright shadows

We do not want to look dead, the blush will give our cheeks a bit of tone, this should be applied with a diagonal brush from the hundred to the cheek simulating a C. The shade should be light for your skin tone.

10-. The lips

Makeup for the day Intense shadows

For makeup for the day you should choose light tones or lip balms. Choose those that are matte or semi-matte and that have similarities with your skin tone. You should forget about the orange tones, because your teeth will look yellow.

Here we will leave you a tutorial for a very natural makeup made by beauty influencers:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRLvydaO4e8


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