One of the trends that has become very important in recent years is the MEXICAN skull makeup, this is a perfect makeup for Halloween because it not only honors a beautiful culture and it is also a very beautiful and feminine art.

We have made a list with steps to follow of the MEXICAN Skull makeup, but we will also show you the most spectacular designs that you will find. To be original and innovate with your Halloween costume, try a good makeup that gives a unique touch to your outfit.

MEXICAN skull classic makeup
Materials you need for the MEXICAN Skull makeup

  1. Blue pencil
  2. Red pencil
  3. White characterization makeup
  4. Black characterization makeup
  5. Golden characterization makeup
  6. Copper characterization makeup
  7. brown shade
  8. yellow shadow
  9. green frost
  10. Brushes
  11. Hair dryer
  12. false eyelashes
  13. Red lipstick
  14. red frost

Step by step to create the MEXICAN Skull makeup

1-. With the blue pencil, border the eyes including the eyebrows and with the red pencil borders the lip area.

2-. With the brush, paint the entire face (outside the border) with the white characterization makeup, then with the black characterization base, paint the eyelids,as if you did a smoky eye makeup.

3-. Use the hair dryer to dry the makeup and then apply gold characterization makeup on top of black on the eyelids.

MEXICAN skull makeup with collected hair

4-. Apply red characterization makeup around the eye and with the black characterization paint re-border with a brush the area that you had outlined with blue.

5-. Now very carefully make black circles above the eyes and Also apply black outside the nostrils.

6-. Combine brown and yellow shadows on the nose and make wavy lines from the middle of the mouth to above the ears.

MEXICAN skull delicate makeup

7-. Fill in the circles with copper-colored characterization makeup and apply green glitter to give a bright touch.

8-. Go back to the black line that you made from the mouth to the ears to give a gradient effect and make a brown and a gold stripe below the black line.

MEXICAN skull makeup flowers

9-. Now in the eyes you paste the false eyelashes

10-. With the brown pencil, make a line on the chin to give the sensation that it is inside and that the cheeks look sucked.

MEXICAN skull mariachi makeup

eleven-. Paint the lips red and apply glitter of the same color to make them look illuminated.

12-. Now paint the eyebrows with the brush and the black characterization makeup.

MEXICAN skull pastel makeup

13-. With the white characterization makeup, paint the neck and ears.

14-. Finally, give your makeup a touch with a good hairstyle and accessories, we recommend using a filler hairpiece to give volume to the hair, with extensions, flowers and colored frost.

MEXICAN skull makeup small details

As you can see this is a pretty easy MEXICAN Skull makeup to achieve, we just have to take the time to make our own creation. Keep in mind that you can cchange the colors or copy you of one of the designs that we have shown you in this article, but the most important thing is always that you give it your own style and personality.

MEXICAN skull poetic makeup

The wardrobe is something very important in Halloween costumes and it is something that perfectly complements our makeup, that is why it is important that we look for the appropriate accessories, but you can also give it a different touch, moving away from the classic a bit, for example, you could dress like a rocker with him catrina makeup or a little more feminine, give it your own style, but never forget to decorate your hair with the beautiful flowers of this tradition.

MEXICAN skull sexy makeup

You should always take into account what makeup you are using and how it could affect your skin or not, it is very important that it is a product that does not cause adverse reactions on your skin, to check it you can apply a little on the back of the wrist or on the neck behind the ears, wait about 20 minutes and if there are still no signs of reaction you can use it, This is especially important for girls who have very sensitive skin, who suffer from allergies or who are not used to wearing fancy makeup.

MEXICAN skull makeup cold tones

It is very important that this makeup is done with great respect, as it is a very beautiful and spiritual tradition in Mexico, so even though your makeup is perfect for Halloween, we must use it with respect.

You can see a tutorial from the beauty influencers here:


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