The image of black swan, or swan black, is considered one of the favorites by people. That’s because a make-up black Swan it has the ability to be elegant, feminine and simple. However, there are different ways to wear makeup with that style. Knowing those makeup ideas to increase creativity can be amusing.

Known The best black swan makeup ideas that are in fashion

The black swan is a theme that manages to inspire various styles of outstanding makeup. The movie that inspires makeup continues to have great popularity. For that reason, Many people are able to recognize the origin or inspiration of the make-up black Swan. Women are free to select the style that they prefer

feathers in an eye

Girls can paint only one your eyes if you want to lessen the dramatic effect of makeup. The painting black used in the eye should be applied to the eyelid in a special way. That It means that the eyelid must have the appearance of a swan wing with black feathers This visual effect is easily achieved and takes less time than you think.

Black swan makeup 1

points and feathers

The face of a girl with feather makeup will undeniably stand out. Nonetheless, dots can be a nice extra touch in the makeup of swan. Black feathers with tiny white lines They can be placed on the eyebrow. On the contrary, the points with sizes different look good under the eye.

Black swan makeup 2

Black eyes

The color black just doesn’t may be missing in a black swan makeup This dark color has all the prominence when used excessively in the eyes. When performing the shape of wings, the theme of the swan has greater recognition. With the purpose of that the black eyes are the protagonists, the lips should not have a color very vibrant.

Black swan makeup 3

touches celestial

Light blue is one of the colors that can lessen the gothic look of black swan makeup. By For example, that beautiful color can be mixed with black when making the wings in the eyes. In fact, some girls decide to increase the attractiveness of the light blue color when using contact lenses with that tonality.

Black swan makeup 4

Swan delicate

There are very dramatic ways of wear makeup based on the black swan. However, there are also ways delicate and more elegant to give life to that style. One way to do it is using a simple and feminine makeup with soft tones. The highlighting element of makeup can be a line broken that crosses one side of the face.

Black swan makeup 5

Details structured

A black swan makeup, it is say black swan, can contain complex details to stand out even more. For example, the wings painted on the eyes can be sectioned into small pieces and delicate. The makeup You can use gray, black and white tones to attract all eyes to the eyes.

Black swan makeup 6

Base white

The use of white throughout The face is practically an essential part of the black swan makeup. TO Despite that, there are girls who prefer not to use a base with white paint so as not to stand out so much. The background white accompanied by eyes with black wings and Red lips give a dark air to makeup.

Black swan makeup 7

Lips pale

The lack of color on the lips gives it a less dark essence to the black swan inspired makeup. The pale face and lips gives full prominence to the wings made into the eyes. Surely a This type of style is dramatic and eye-catching on any occasion.

Black swan makeup 8

Swan scary

Women who want to show off terrifying and elegant can achieve it with a black swan makeup. The key is to have a strong look, lips dark and a slightly white face.

Black swan makeup 9

At blue

An effective way to reduce the Creepy appearance of the black swan style is sporting blue wings. The touches of dark blue in the eyes mixed with black softens the impact of makeup.

Black swan makeup 10

reasons to use this makeup?

girls can consider the following reasons to use a black swan style makeup:

  1. exist very feminine makeup models.
  2. Some of the ideas proposed above are easy to execute.
  3. The film on which the makeup is based is considered iconic.



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