There are many companies that They offer makeup products with varied details. Therefore, it is It is understandable that some people have doubts about which brand to choose. He make-up nars It is one of the brands that enjoys greater recognition due to its excellence. Due to this, knowing in depth the most outstanding products of the company can be helpful.

Characteristics Nars makeup

Nars Makeup 1

Nars is a French company of cosmetics that plays an important role in the competitive world of make-up. For that reason, It is logical conclude that the brand offers makeup of incomparable quality. Know the general characteristics of Nars make-up products affect in the acquisition of knowledge about the brand.

empowerment of natural beauty

Francois Nars, founder of Nars Cosmetics, has always wanted to enhance the beauty of women of natural form. Therefore, the products Nars promote the enhancement of natural beauty without excessive changes. The makeup developed by the French company has helped many women to face the world with better self-esteem.

He Nars goal is for people to see themselves beautiful and externalize the internal beauty that they possess. Because of this, the brand has had magnificent acceptance by the buying public.


The collections of Nars are characterized by being elegant and have various modern touches. The developers of the products makeup from the French brand seek to make an impact so as not to bore their customers. For that reason, Nars always brings high-quality makeup for people of any kind.

Nars 2 Makeup

As you release new collections, Nars is in charge of improving and meet the needs that women have.

Personality and character

The makeup that Nars develops It helps women to enhance their personality and character. for that reason, the imposing essence that possesses the French brand makeup draw attention anywhere. The women who want to stand out can easily achieve this by using makeup Nars.

Opinions about Nars makeup

People who are unaware of nars products can be based on user opinion to corroborate its excellence. A classification of such opinions provided by Nars customers is provided by detailing its most famous products. The brand has a good reputation thanks to its best cosmetic creations

Nars 4 Makeup

Sheer Matte

The Sheer Matte foundation of the make-up nars is available in up to 17 shades to adapt to any complexion. People who have used this product comment on its ratio of full coverage and its removal of unsightly shine. Thanks to this, the women have the possibility of showing off a luminous and fresh complexion for a long time time.

The quality of the base is even Remarkable on oily skin.

Translucent Crystal

Translucent Crystal powder is Transparent so that people with any skin tone can use it. This product has no equal and people who have used it comment on its utility. The powder conceals wrinkles and skin looks more hydrated due to vitamin E and glycerin. All the composition of the powder greatly benefits the youthful appearance of the face.

Narsissist eye shadow

The Narsissist palette has up to 15 different colors to use on the eyes. This element of make-up nars combines matte caramel tones, browns, neutrals, pinks, shades in black, beige and many others. For that reason, women who have used this palette highlight its usefulness for day or night make-up.

Nars 3 Makeup

Rouge Luster

Luster blush is ideal for highlighting the cheekbones mild but effective. Those who have tried this peach hue mixed with Gold comment on its excellent integration with various styles of makeup. He The finish left by the blush is flattering and luminous.

Lip Dragon

Dragon Girl lipsticks are famous for its matte finish. The women who use this creation of the brand French enjoy its soft texture and its long duration. In addition to this, the tonalities in which it is available the lipstick are wonderful.

Price Nars makeup

The price that the Nars products varies with each. The base has a price of 45 dollars or 30 euros. On the other hand, a lipstick Nars is available for 25 euros or 20 dollars. The price of the products is fair due to the level of quality they offer.



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