The use of make-up Oil-free It is necessary for girls with oily skin. This class of products that help regulate fat or natural oil on the face are very useful. Therefore, it is useful and practical to know the products that lack oil and are recommended by many users.

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6 bases that do not contain oil in their composition

The base is key in makeup of all women. For this reason, it is necessary to carefully select the brand and type of base chosen. The Oil-free foundations that regulate facial fat are the ones that contribute better duration. Thanks to these products, people can show off a face with a matte finish without shine.

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The composition of the bases plays a fundamental role to achieve obtain the desired results in makeup. However, many may people have doubts about which is the best cosmetic that works as a base. Due Therefore, it is practical to have a list of at least 6 ideal bases for oily combination skin.

estee Lauder

Estee Lauder foundation is especially aimed at people who have sensitive skin. Thats why he famous cosmetic offers an intact finish that preserves makeup for up to 15 hours. This lasting effect is achieved thanks to its resistance to moisture, heat and sweat.

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The people who use this product do not need to be touched up constantly and do not stain your clothes. By On the other hand, when talking about the quality of the foundation, its semi-matte texture stands out. Of course, the most outstanding feature of this base is that it is a make-up without oil and lacks fragrance. The variety of tones in which is available Estee Lauder is excellent.

fent Beauty

Rihanna’s Fent Beauty takes into account the greasy tendency that many women’s skin has. For that reason, the product provides a smooth matte finish without unsightly shine. The formula of this practical product allows it to be part of the kit of make-up Oil-freeand.

Base can be found in 40 shades so everyone can get the product that adapts to your skin. People who have used the base comment on their unparalleled excellence providing medium coverage. For that reason, Fent Beauty is a highly recommended cosmetic.

Missha perfect cover

People can improve appearance that your face presents when you use the correct foundation. the perfect foundation Missha’s cover keeps fat from face under control while preserving a beautiful finish. In addition to that, The product contains ingredients that contribute to healthy skin and beautiful.

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For example, the basis contains peptides and vitamin E to achieve softer and rejuvenated skin. This useful cosmetic covers imperfections, fills wrinkles and lines to achieve a flawless face. Without Undoubtedly, it is helpful for the base to control the oil for hours to avoid the oily or shine skin.

Revlon ColorStay

Revlon foundation has a design that allows it to last 16 hours without rusting or running on the skin. One of the more detailed features of the product is its affordability. However, most of the people buy ColorStay by fragrance-free and oil-free composition. who have a skin sensitive or an allergy can use this cosmetic without difficulties.

He oil free makeup It has sun protection and covers the problem areas of people who need it.

Clinic Even

Clinique Even offers a quite natural appearance to the people who wear it. the skin can keep cool because he cosmetic exercises control over oiliness. On the other hand, the dark circles, the redness and other kinds of blemishes are covered by the foundation. Due Due to the composition of the product, people will not feel their face overloaded.

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For this reason, it is correct to affirm that this base works perfectly for those who seek oil free makeup

Fit Me Maybelline

The brand of this base is characterized by its durable, economical and quality creations. Therefore, it is logical that the cosmetic is soft, does not clog the pores and does not have oil in its composition. This item of a kit oil free makeup It is available in more than forty shades.



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