When you look for the perfect make up for any occasion, especially for important events in your life, you explore and investigate all the options, and among them you will find without hesitation the airbrush makeup. But be careful! Not everything is as ideal as it seems!
In this post I am going to tell you the 5 Reasons NOT to use airbrush makeup.airbrush1

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Between the makeup techniques that exist and that have been taken from the field of art is the airbrush makeup. This consists of atomize the skin of the face or body with an instrument similar to a sprayer, which through a motor or compressor drives makeup from a pump through a hose, pulverizing the skin.

Airbrush makeup: 5 reasons NOT to use it - aerografo

Reasons not to use it

1- Do not use it for your Wedding

The most important day in a woman’s life is probably her wedding day. All the expectations are placed on that occasion, expected and in which all the emotions.
And that is exactly the problem if you use airbrush makeup, emotion and tears. Being a make-up that although it covers the skin leaving a feeling of freshness, it is just superficial and it does not penetrate the skin so with sweat, and tears will run and you will be a mess. For this occasion it is preferable to resort to traditional makeup, in which your defects will be corrected by hand and with a brush and brushes you will place the makeup where it is necessary to see you perfect.

Airbrush makeup: 5 reasons NOT to use it - aerografo3

2- The pump or makeup container may be contaminated.

Imagine that different types, colors and diversity of components pass through that makeup container that could affect your skin. If you decide to apply airbrush makeup, make sure it is clean and disinfected.

3- It is only effective for artistic makeup, film and TV

He airbrush makeup, is ideal for serial makeup, to be able to take better advantage of it. Only makeup bases, being small molecules so they can be sprayed, are imperceptible and give a smooth finish. Ideal for TV close-ups, fashion shows, photography, etc.

Do you want to know more about artistic and daring makeup, then you cannot stop reading “8 crazy makeup for night parties”

Airbrush makeup: 5 reasons NOT to use it - aerografo7

4- Do not use it if you need Corrections

if your skin has Marks, wrinkles, or very marked expression lines, airbrush makeup can be fatal, since it is a thin layer that will cover the face will not cover the grooves of wrinkles or marks if you do not do a specific job, and perhaps it will highlight them more, causing the opposite effect to the one you are looking for.

Airbrush makeup: 5 reasons NOT to use it - aerografo6

5- If you need a natural finish, do not resort to airbrush makeup.

Just because it feels velvety doesn’t mean it’s natural. airbrush makeup placement requires products of excellent quality and professionalismTherefore, an efficient application consists of resorting to those points, since it can stain your skin by overloading with inappropriate products and without training to use the airbrush.
All this implies of course high costs, which we believe do not guarantee a lasting effect to use on occasions when you need


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