Have you always wondered how celebrities look like big eyes?

Have small eyes and you dream of having one deep look and big piercing eyes?

I will give you in this entry 5 basic tricks to show off big eyes! With only make them up correctly and always taking into account your facial features.


Hand tools for makeup

Tools and Basic Elements to Make Up and Look Big Eyes

1- One of the tricks most important is to have all elements and tools necessary to make up, because being able to place each type of shadow, mascara or eyeliner accordingly and in the right and precise measure, is the key to showing off great eyes.

You should have on hand: eyelash curler or curler, eyelash brush to comb, eyebrow brush, mascara, eyeliners and shadows.

5 tricks to look BIG eyes! - grandesojospinceles


2- If you want to achieve a look more open and show off big eyesever you must delineate with Dark colors the line of Water

If you are going to outline the water line let it be with color white or coral. But never go for black or brown, as this will definitely make your eye smaller.

5 tricks to look BIG eyes! - grandesojosdelineadorblanco

3- Never Line the entire eye on upper or lower eyelids. Only from the middle of the eye and forming a V towards the outside of the Eye. And always do it in a blurred way, if possible, with a brush and shadow, since a very marked line gives the look a hardness and reduces the shapes.


4- The shadows of mobile eyelids should always be clear and shiny. That will give light to the eye and cause a larger effect. The lightest color should always be under the eyebrow.

5 tricks to look BIG eyes! - grandesojossombrasclaras

Eyebrows and eyelashes

5- The eyebrows they should always be well shaved so that large eyes are noticeable, in such a way that they clear the eyelid and do not give shadow. Since the shadow projected by the eyebrows on the mobile eyelid visually reduces the size of the eye.

The Eyelashes they should arch very well before placing the mascara. Which is recommended to be black and place two hands to recharge the look.

Do not forget to place it from the root, throughout its length and the second pass only do it at the ends. This will make the eye look much more open.

5 tricks to look BIG eyes! - grandesojosmascarapesta%C3%B1as

tips: always place ear correcter. The darkness of the dark circles with their brown or purple tones (it depends on the skin) will have an effect of reducing the size of your eyes.


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