In this article we will talk about the products of the Mexican makeup brand BISSU, that since 1991 offers us excellent products to be more beautiful every day.

The company has the purpose of providing you with a better and better product, that allow a greater careful of the fur as well as for these to last as long as possible, exalting your facial attributes.

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Now you will wonder if their products Are they recommended for you!? The answer is yes! most of the Bissu products are hypoallergenic, that means that any women You can use it whether or not you have the sensitive skin. In any case, we recommend that in the event of any inconvenience you consult with a dermatologist, who can specifically recommend the products that you can use according to your type of skin. BISSU Makeup Is it recommended for you? - MAKEUPbissu provides various products such as face makeup as foundations, compact powders, as well as for your lips, eyes and also for your nails. And as a complement to this, it is also a manufacturer of brushes special for each of the areas that you should make up.


classic lipsticks, that look perfect in any of your makeup, and being opaque colors, without shine, they are special for any time of the day.

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If you like more gel lipsticks, so don’t stop trying Bissú “matt ink”.

BISSU Makeup Is it recommended for you? - p1000805

If your idea is just to give it a little color to you mouth a little bit of glow or just some glitter nude color, give him volume to your mouth but let it be seen natural so this lip is for you!


if you have the dry lips and you want moisturize them but always without ceasing to be flirtatious, then try this lip that at the same time that it gives you a natural pink color, that suits you skin tone, protects and moisturizes your lips.

BISSU Makeup Is it recommended for you? - labial magico


To make you a classic makeup and sensual, we recommend the black shade. It is a color that you cannot stop having, you can make a smokey eyes or even use it to give outlined effect to yours eyes.

single-compact-shade5PITK95Xon the page of bissu you can find many more colors of shades that you can combine with the outfit you choose.


These two products are essential for your daily makeup as for the one you choose on a special occasion.


BISSU Makeup Is it recommended for you? - bronceador profesionalHe bissu makeup blush, will give you a colorpink in your cheekbones, Meanwhile he bronzer you will use it in the hollow of your cheekbones to give you depth and harmonize your face.


essential for your daily routine of make-up. It is essential that you have a base, according to your skin color, This will allow you to harmonize and delete any type of imperfection and giving you a effect porcelain skin for the whole day.

BISSU Makeup Is it recommended for you? - maquillaje liquido

Remember that for choose the proper basis to your skin color you must try it on and when spreading it it must be confused with the color of you fur.


BISSU Makeup Is it recommended for you? - primer

Also know as “ear correcter”. This Bissu product is excellent for those women who tend to have more dark the bags of eyes. Also, being a first liquid allow it to blend evenly into your face, without having to use too much product.


How do you know the morescara it is salvation for us.

BISSU mascara makeup

with this unique product you will see how you face will change by giving prominence to your eyelashes. If you only apply mascara to your daily makeup, you will see that you will look super natural giving your eyelashes a effectextra largethat will make your look deeper.


As usual, bissu gives you the best quality in their products, Therefore, in this case, it offers you a waterproof eyeliner, so that it lasts many more hours and you don’t have to be retouching your makeup all the time.

BISSU eyeliner makeup

The have his nib Tip, allows you to more easily manipulate your outline and that you can do it according to the thickness that you are looking for


As we told you, the company productsbissu It also gives you the possibility to acquire brushes to complete your Makeup kit.

BISSU Makeup Is it recommended for you? - hqdefault

provides specialized brushes according to area make-up, so we recommend that before buying your brushes you find out about the shape and utility of each one.

And remember, if you are not from Mexico and you want to get your products, then enter your official website and online shopping!!


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