The look you get with the gothic makeup It can be adapted for men and women. People who want to use makeup to convey a gothic style prove to be risky. Of course, it is important that these people understand the differences between female makeup and male makeup.

Meet the best gothic makeup ideas that are in fashion

The Gothic style is immediately associated with dark and somber colors. One of the most important aspects that influence obtaining that style is makeup. Makeup plays a very important role in the people you want to dress up. In addition to this, there are individuals who want to subtly incorporate the gothic essence into their day to day.

goth flirty

Gothic makeup can look slightly flirty on women. In order to attract attention, there are women who use dark gothic tones to highlight their look. Unlike other classes of gothic makeup, the flirty style is little exaggerated and contains feminine touches.

gothic makeup 1

gothic rocker

Men who want to convey a rock and goth look with their makeup can do just that. The appearance that these men convey with their gothic essence is very rough and is quite chilling. For this reason, it is not normal for individuals to choose this type of makeup in their daily lives.

gothic makeup 2

gothic punk

Women who don’t like to focus only on the gothic style in their makeup can add a punk touch to it. This type of style does not only use the color black in its execution. The addition of other colors is striking. For this reason, it is common for many women to choose gothic punk makeup with black tones mixed with vivid colors.

gothic makeup 3 1

soft gothic style

Smoothness is not a characteristic commonly associated with the gothic makeup. However, there are techniques that allow men to wear gothic makeup that attracts less attention. The key is to accentuate dark colors less or focus attention on just one feature.

gothic makeup 4

subtle gothic

Subtlety can lessen the impact of gothic makeup. Thanks to subtle gothic details, that kind of makeup can be used casually. In fact, many women have opted for this risky and untraditional makeup alternative. There is no doubt that this style does not go unnoticed.

gothic makeup 5

metal gothic

He gothic style that is related to in heavy metal It has artistic characters that serve as inspiration. An example of gothic makeup artists is Marilyn Manson. Men who are inspired by this type of artist opt ​​for extremely dark makeup.

gothic makeup 6

terrifying gothic

There are women who choose to scare with their gothic style makeup. This kind of makeup is used mainly for strange and terrifying costumes that are not very related to femininity. The terror conveyed by the appearance of a woman with this type of makeup can be somewhat repulsive. That’s why, it is rare to perceive the execution of these models.

gothic makeup 7

creepy gothic

Men do not experience any kind of problem trying to convey a scary image with their gothic makeup. As in the case of women, the Marked gothic models of makeup is associated with costumes. Therefore, it is not common to see these styles in casual settings.

gothic makeup 8

celestial gothic

Incorporating other colors softens gothic-inspired makeup. Besides, the adding other colors adds a higher level of femininity to makeup. For this reason, it is common to see that women opt for gothic makeup that includes soft colors. A clear example of this is the use of light blue tones in the eyes to minimize the gothic effect.

gothic makeup 9

pale gothic

The paleness of the face with paint is another alternative that men have to dress up as goths. The makeup stands out too much with its dark and creepy essence. Therefore, it is understandable that individuals take the wise decision not to wear this style casually.

gothic makeup 10

Reasons to wear gothic makeup?

There are some people who believe there are reasons to wear gothic-inspired makeup.

  1. There are subtle gothic makeup models suitable for casual events.
  2. The elaboration of some ideas for this makeup is not very complicated.
  3. Makeup of this type can be used by both men and women.



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