There are many series and movies that recount the lives of princesses. Because of this, the vast majority of girls dreams of being a princess. For that reason, it is not surprising that the women want to wear a princess makeup. know some makeup ideas inspired by the essence of princesses can be very entertaining.

Known best princess makeup ideas

Princess makeup can be Worn by both girls and adult women. exist different ways to evoke the most popular princesses. The list of those princesses includes characters such as the little mermaid, the Elsa sisters and Anna and Cinderella.

Aurora, Jasmine, Mulan, Tiana, Snow White and Rapunzel are also very famous. Thus, many girls wish to look like these beautiful princesses.


An original and complex form of look like princess Ariel is making up the eyes in a special way. The eyebrow goes red, the eyelashes are highlighted with black mascara and the shadow is dwelling. Thick eyeliner can be done with a color frosty green in the shape of the mermaid’s tail.

Princess Makeup 1 1

The lips can go red or a more natural pink for focus attention on the eyes.


Cinderella is a very princess celebrity who can be represented by simple makeup. Colors Light blue and light pink cannot be missing in this princess makeup in specific. Light blue is used in the eyes in a striking way and is highlighted with the use of black mascara for eyelashes.

Using a blush, or blush, pink is ideal to give a feminine touch to the face. equally form, it is recommended use a glitter pink for delicate lips.

Princess Makeup 2 1


Princess Aurora, known as sleeping beauty is one of the favorite princesses. A makeup that evokes The appearance of this princess should include light or dark shades of pink. The eyes should be dramatically highlighted with the use of a lot of shadow and false eyelashes.

Princess Makeup

On the other hand, cheekbones and eyebrows are highlighted to upgrade factions of the face When talking about lips, makeup with the essence of this princess you can include a blonde tone.


A princess Jasmine makeup must magnificently highlight the look. The eyebrows must be made up to complement the outlined look With eyelashes false On the other hand, the cheekbones are slightly highlighted with a brown tone quite clear. Lips can use a dull pink shade.

Princess Makeup 3


The makeup that the princess used Mulan in the movie was excessive. For this reason, makeup with the essence of this character is quite charged. The eyes have two faded colors, they performs an outline in black color and false eyelashes are placed. When speaking of the lips, they must have an intense red color, while the cheekbones are highlighted with pink.

Princess Makeup 4


A princess makeup that can focus on the eyes is Rapunzel’s. The realization of makeup involves the use of yellow, purple, pink and green shadow. The outline and the mask on the eyelashes are vital elements of the look. lips can be painted a light pink.

Princess Makeup 5

Snow White

A girl can look like the snow white princess when painting their red lips and rosy cheeks. The eyes must not carry a shadow very striking but the eyelashes must have a lot of volume.

Princess Makeup 6


Girls can look like pretty painting his eyes with shadows light browns blended with gold. Lips can go red light or pink and the cheeks are slightly highlighted.

Princess Makeup 7


The essence of Princess Anne is quite natural. For this reason, makeup is very simple and consists of pink cheeks and pink lips. the eyes not they should wear a lot of eyeshadow or false eyelashes.

Princess Makeup 8


The cold essence that princess Elsa has allows to innovate with the make-up. The use of white and light blue is mandatory in this style that can carry special decorations.

Princess Makeup 9

reasons to use this makeup?

Reasons to experiment with he make-up princess these are:

  1. The femininity stands out.
  2. exist easy models to make
  3. The princesses are very famous characters.



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