Season of preparations for your wedding? Do not forget to advise yourself about what make-up professional for brides that you will wear! And of course for that special event we recommend that you use a makeup professional, so as not to spoil everything you invested in your trousseau and you can feel splendid.

professional bridal makeup

Make sure it is an experienced professional

Visit all the professionals you think necessary, do not hesitate to ask all the questions you need, that will make you realize if you are really dealing with a professional. shall advise you objectively and sincerely. To do this, try to go a long time in advance in case you have to do any previous treatment on the skin.

professional bridal makeup

They should offer you a Cabinet Test

Once you have chosen the dress, jewelry and hairstyle, and of course the style you want to wear, and you’ve already chosen the professional who will do your makeup on your wedding dayyou will have to make a cabinet testof makeup for two reasons: to check that the products will not cause any unwanted effect on your skin and of course to find out if the type of makeup you have chosen is really correct.

professional makeup for a bride

High quality products

A makeup professional should offer you high quality products. Good quality makeup brands generally have different product lines that are suitable for every skin type. Besides of course having increased durability, do not run and are generally hypoallergenic.

professional bridal makeup

Splendid but Natural

A professional make up is the one who corrects imperfections (nose, lips, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. increasing or decreasing, depending on what you need) and highlight your most virtuous traits, accentuating what you want to highlight. But you should always look natural and feel comfortable.

Professional makeup for brides
you must be yourself

Although that night you will want to see yourself different and magnificent, remember that you must be yourself, the professional make up It will make you so, if you and the professional are very clear about it. You shouldn’t feel disguised.
For this reason, a good professional should work with the premise that each bride is unique, authentic and unrepeatable.

professional bridal makeup

Do not forget to treat your skin weeks before the wedding

The basis of professional make-up is well-groomed and clean skin.. For this reason, it is recommended that at least a month before cleaning sessions be carried out that can even out the skin and prevent any type of condition that may arise.

professional bridal makeup

The mouth must have special attention

will be a night of kisses, food, and emotions. so a good Lipstick in the color of your choice and a gloss should always be on hand to touch up during the wedding.

professional bridal makeup