The prototype of Latin woman It is exactly that, beyond her personality, which is why she stands out among women around the world, her physical characteristics are absolutely remarkable. Dark hair and eyes, dark skin, full lips, straight nose, thick eyebrows, are the general characteristics, although of course there are Latinas who will not be framed in this, but surely they are unmatched for their appearance sensual and sexy.

latin makeup

The charisma, personality and unique image is also reflected in the type of makeup that they use


The latin women, whether due to its genetic origin, climatic conditions (heat, humidity) or the type of diet, usually has the mixed skin, that is, with a greater production of sebum than normal, which causes shine on the skin , enlarged pores, pimples and blackheads.

Prepare your skin for your wedding with the following steps:

Get a Peel:

a treatment of peeling It is ideal for eliminating the largest amount of dead cells of the skin and with some moisturizer provides just the moisture your complexion needs. Get advice from a professional and achieve perfect Latin skin: No shine or enlarged pores.

latin makeup 1

use some skin tightening cream to improve the appearance of enlarged pores.

latin makeup 2
Moisturizers to have a matte and smooth face

Use one light moisturizer and quickly absorbed so that your skin does not shine and looks smooth.

latin makeup 3


If you are anxious preparing your wedding, do not forget to pay attention to your makeup. we’ll give you some makeup tricks if you are one latin girlfriend .

ONE- prepare your skin well in advance, take a few days of spa and facial, at least 15 days before the wedding.

latin bride makeup

TWO- If you’re white skinned latina and you are preparing your wedding, do not doubt that your makeup should be as natural as possible. Slather on a peach or satin-toned foundation to give the look of a light tan. Your coral cheekbones and eyes with brown shadows and black mascara. Finish with a gloss in soft pink or damask tones.

latin bride makeup

tighten your skin

THREE: If you have brown skin, the bronze base tones are the best, the shades for eyes in burgundy, chocolates or bronzes have to highlight those unique Latino eyes. And of course the peach color for the mouth and always with gloss.

latin bride makeup

Do you have brown skin!? then read “Brunette brides: 6 makeup tips” and learn makeup tricks

FOUR: If you skin is brown, you have two options, go for the range of bronzes or browns, or stand out with strong and mixed colors in the range of fuchsias, oranges or greens.

latin bride makeup FIVE: He Ear correcter For Latinas, the yellow one is the most used, since brunette or dark skin tends to generate brown circles under the eyes that are neutralized with the yellow color.

latin bride makeup

SIX: Never stop using blush or blush, in peach or pink tones, as it will give a Latin bride naturalness and freshness.

latin bride makeup SEVEN: The golden tones, and metallic shadows, are from big trend you can use them to give splendor to your skin and show off that tanned indisputable of your skin.

latin bride makeup


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