Is there a better opinion and recommendation than that of the women who use a certain brand and take the time to comment on it? There is not, that is why we will collect the different opinions about JAFRA makeup so that you can decide with peace of mind at the time of your purchase.


Not all of us know the origin of the products we use, and it always has a lot to do with it when it comes to seeing the quality and definition of the products.

I’ll tell you how he was born JAFRA: In Malibu, California, the co-founders of JAFRA, Jan and Frank Day, a young couple, visionaries and dreamers decide to start with this company, which based its success on studying the beauty secrets of the ancient egyptians. Their most successful product based on those studies was and is theRoyal Jelly Milk Balm. The company expanded and includedSkin Care products, Fragrances, Makeup and Toiletries.

jafra makeup

This couple dedicated to the beauty of women, went further and thought that they not only look good and beautiful, but also bet on the empowerment of women , offering them the opportunity to sell JAFRA products as independent consultants.


The Eyeliners

The more positive comments these have them eyeliners They have a variety of types, liquid and pencil-shaped. Black is the star of the good comments, since it is intense and long lasting.

jafra eyeliners

Jafra facial makeup base

JAFRA has a facial makeup base that is for all skin types. Leaves a matte tone and velvety skin, so any makeup you put on top will look great.

jafra facial foundation

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the lipsticks

The liquid lipsticks are from long term and non-transferable therefore excellent for every occasion and time of the year.

jafra lipsticks

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The concealers

The concealers for dark circles and blemishes appear not to be very good, according to the opinion of some women who have used it. According to them, although they are easy to distribute on the skin because they are creamy, they are not very covering .

The shadows

The shadows are varied in shades but they have little fixation according to some ladies who have tried it.

jafra shadows

And to be honest and realistic we must accept and admit that all brands have their good products and those that are not so many.

We already know how this is, each skin type is different and perhaps they can work on yours.

That is why we recommend that If you have the possibility to try them, do it and then leave your comments.


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