KRYOLAN makeupIt is a brand for professionals that stand out worldwide for their quality and segmentation in the field of cinematography and art.

So that you can know what it is about, we will tell you about it and about some products depending on the opinion of some makeup professionals.

KRYOLAN. The company

Kryolan is the supplier brand to the makeup professionals in the field of cinema, theater and television for more than 50 years in many countries of the world.


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They have one wide range of products and accessoriesnecessary for the art of makeup on stage.

They stand out for trying to innovate skin care since the actor always needs more makeup than any common person, in order to highlight his features and achieve a best scenic image.

What makes the difference?

Since they have a close relationship with the professionals who use their lines, they have managed to make their makeups are resistant to heat, humidity and movement on stage.

kryolan products

Are highly pigmented, intense and with just the right shine and necessary to adapt to recordings with new recording technologies. HD.

The OPINIONS of Professionals of KRYOLAN make-up

“It is a very useful and necessary brand for high definition makeup.”

kryolan high definition

“They continually update and innovate in the variety of color preparations and pigments”

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“ What has made the company so successful for 67 years is thel customer service, and these are professionals

kryolan women

“I cannot live without the selection of Kryolan foundations, especially the HD Micro Foundation Cream with which I get amazing results every time!”

kryolan shadows“I am very critical and demanding with products and I always require the most high quality and durability. Kryolan meets these criteria with flying colors…”

KRYOLAN bodypainting makeup

“During all these years in the Bodypainting industry, Kryolan Professional Make-up has always been part of the artists’ makeup bags. The excellent quality of KRYOLAN makeup products, in works with a brush, sponge and airbrush make Kryolan indispensable for us…”

The pros

  • Makeup Lines Very light.
  • The products do not dull the skin.
  • Very natural results.
  • High covering power
  • It has a good price

The cons

  • Being products for scenography It has no sun protection.
  • Containers that do not let the last pigment be used.
  • It is not easily found in physical stores.


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