It is true that organic and bio makeup is more difficult to find, but that does not mean that it does not exist. Luckily, more and more small companies are launching into the market betting on this type of natural cosmetic products, since they have discovered that its consumers are very loyalAlthough they are also very strict with their demands. For this reason, they maintain very high levels of quality and, given these factors, more and more distributors (the majority, specialized stores in niche products or eco cosmetics) are deciding to bet on this type of makeup.

And it is that this philosophy of a healthier, more sustainable and respectful life with nature does not stop growing and gaining followers. Conscious people who, on the other hand, You also don’t want to give up your personal care routines., among which is makeup. For this reason, we have compiled different brands of ecological, organic or vegan makeup, so that you have a choice if you decide to take the plunge. Know everything about the kiko makeup.

These are the 6 most recommended brands of organic makeup

1-. Ilia Beauty Lipstick Crayon

Ilia Beauty organic makeup

Sasha Plavsic, founder of Ilia, she was very clear that her cosmetics had to be organic, since precisely thanks to products of this type, her brother had overcome his problem with asthma and allergies. All their cosmetics are made with certified bio-active ingredients, in some cases up to 85%. And they are also gluten free and have not been tested on animals.

This lipstick, in addition to coloring them with precious pigments, is made with 80% organic ingredients, such as coconut, blueberry and sesame seed oil, which makes the lips lips are also nourished and hydrated and that the finish on the lips is matte.

2-. OZN Nail Polish Remover Box

OZN organic makeup

The typical nail lacquer remover with a sponge moistened inside; you put your finger in, rub the nails and goodbye nail polish. The operation is nothing new, but it is its formula that has nothing to do with normal nail polish removers. It has many benefits: it is the most organic thing it can be an effective nail polish remover. Contains DBE, a colorless solvent with a very mild and pleasant odor that is respectful of the environment, as well as provitamin E and aloe vera, to nourish nails and cuticles. Learn about the estee lauder makeup.

3-. Concealer ‘Un’, by RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty organic makeup

More than a concealer, this is a multipurpose product since it can also be used as makeup base due to its high coverage. It easily blends into the skin, covering all types of imperfections, but leaving a light sensation on the skin, hydrating it, minimizing the appearance of pores and providing a healthy appearance.

4-. Nail lacquers, from Treat Collection

Organic makeup Treat Collection

It seems incredible that beautiful and quality nail polishes can be made without harmful chemicals, but the German brand Treat is an example of this. Its enamels are bright and long-lasting, as well as incorporate a long, soft applicator brush, that facilitates the task of painting the nail.

5-. Eyes Right Mascara, by LUSH

LUSH organic makeup

This incredibly smooth mascara is made from a combination of safe natural and synthetic ingredients, with fresh herb infusion taking center stage. It can be used even by people with very sensitive eyes and leaves lashes hydrated, defined and clump-free. You can also build the intensity of your look by layering one layer on top of another without fear of clumping the lashes.

6-. Lily Lolo Waikiki Mineral Bronzer

Organic makeup Lily Lolo

This shimmering natural bronzer allows you to define the contour of the face, if you apply it with the contouring technique, or tan it in a natural and luminous way, adapting even to the palest skin. Its light golden hue creates a very natural luminosity.

Learn about the goodness and benefits of organic makeup by Oxfam Intermón:


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