Being Cleopatra is one of the Halloween makeup Very used, dressing up as this character is one of the first ideas that come to mind when the girls are planning a party, because It is very easy to achieve, we will only need a black, smooth wig with bangs, a very pretty dress or a caftan with a lot of print and that’s it, you already have your Cleopatra costume.

Tanned Cleopatra Makeup

But now we have a problem, we are ready with the clothes, but the most important thing is the makeup, otherwise you will not be able to identify yourself as Cleopatra. To achieve this, the first thing you must do is inspire yourself and for this reason, we have left 12 for you. Cleopatra makeup designs that will awaken your inspiration and your creativity. But we also want to help you build a perfect makeup.

Extravagant Cleopatra Makeup

Steps to make a Cleopatra makeup

The first thing you should know, you have to get facial skin evenly with a tanned and luminous finish.

Cleopatra makeup With accessories

To achieve this you must use some products that you possibly already have in your makeup case, you should bet on a good makeup base and a bronzer, preferably golden or with a bronzing effect.

Natural Cleopatra Makeup

The most important part is the eye makeup. The ancient Egyptians knew the use of eyeliner very well, although they obviously did not have all the products and simple applicators that we currently have.

Classic Cleopatra Makeup

The eyeliner is used to underline in a dramatic way, the eye contour and elongated as much as possible so that you get the most elegant and sensual cat-eye makeup.

Sexy Cleopatra Makeup

Then come the eye shadows, the most used colors to imitate this Cleopatra makeup are the gold, blue, cerulean and turquoise, these combining them with each other to increase the drama that you have already created with the eyeliner.

Cleopatra Statue Makeup

The shadows must be applied over the entire surface of the mobile eyelid, up to the arch of the eyebrows. The eyebrows are very important in Cleopatra’s makeup, you should go over them with a pencil so that they are perfectly drawn and stand out. To end, on the lips a gloss or a red lipstick will complement the classic Cleopatra look.

Cleopatra eyes makeup

You can be a little more original, you just have to be inspired by our images and the thousands of other photographs on the internet to see all the thousands of reinterpretations of this style.

Golden Cleopatra Makeup

For Those who do not want exaggerated makeup should opt for a minimalist touch, making only graphic designs with the outline and all the styles that you can achieve with it, that is black although you can also take risks with other colors.

Cleopatra’s makeup is one of the carnival makeup for women most used, it gives you beautiful versatility, so you can use a different eyeshadow palette and bet on pink, violet, yellow, red, orange tones, that is, you can use any color you want. The most important thing is that they go with your style And that they are completely original. It is true that there is a possibility that you will find another girl with your same costume, but it is important that you wear a different look.

Cleopatra Makeup Golden Lips

We recommend that you always choose a costume that suits your personality, that has the shades that best represent you and that always show a bit of your personality.

Minimalist Blue Cleopatra Makeup

It is very important that you remember that you should wash your face very well once you get home again, once you clean your face very well you should moisturize your skin and let it rest. The products that you should use are the ones that are suitable for your skin type, so you will benefit your skin and it will remain healthy and beautiful.

Watch this video tutorial for Cleopatra makeup:


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