The trend of 80s makeup was one of the most daring since the fancy at the time of makeup there was no limit because color and madness were the protagonists of these years. The excesses of color and extravagance were well seen, this was like a mandatory fashion for all fashionistas of this time.

80s makeup

Today this type of makeup has become a trend again since strong colors and outlandish makeup designs are in fashion, if you want to get an 80s style makeup where the cheeks, lips and color will make the strong point of your look.

We will explain how to get a good 80s makeup by following the steps below.

It will be very easy, fast and really innovative to wear a good makeup of this time.

  • The first thing you should do is apply a good makeup base with which you can match your skin tone, with this you will make your lip and cheek tone stand out more easily.
  • He your eye makeup should be eye-catching You must delineate them both outside and inside.

80s eye makeup

  • You must have your eyebrows outlined and perfect their shapeIt is not advisable that you have them very stuffed as this may make you look disguised.
  • So that your look looks striking outlines the upper part of the lashes with a blue shade.
  • If you want to show drama, apply 1 or 3 layers of mascara.
  • Blush plays an important role 80’s makeup for this to work you must apply it with the drapping technique applying the color of your choice from the upper part of your cheeks and go up a little through the temple area.
  • And finally paint your lips with a fuchsia or other strong color, start by applying the color to the inside of your lips and then draw the contours for a perfect finish.

80s lip makeup

The main idea of ​​this makeup is color and the way to apply it since it must be exaggerated and very colorful This type of makeup is usually fun and something normal for this time, this type of makeup today is not very valid since its designs are too colorful, if you want to apply it you can do it painting only eyes and lips and this looks like makeup interesting.

The 80s were years of a lot of color and brightnessThese makeup ideas can be applied today but always adding a touch of modernity.80s eyelash makeup

He eye makeup is important when wanting to display the eighties trend since these require various colors such as blue, pink and are delineated both on the outside and on the inside, but remember that for the 80s makeupIt is not necessary that you go out in disguise, just make up your eyes or lips as they did in this era using modern colors and that’s it.


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